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    The eye of ra:
    In modern times the eye can be used to represent the eye of the Great Architect of the Universe , but this is a limited form of mystical interpretation of the past both existing horn have given this ancient symbol . For them the eye is a symbol of view , but especially of that clear vision gives understanding. When the eye was adopted as a symbol of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe , was for the purpose of representing conscient mind of God , who sees everything and therefore knows everything. In this sense , the eye became the symbol of Divine Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness ( called by some modern mystics , Universal Consciousness ) . Therefore it is said that this eye governs the sun, the moon , comets and stars , and also the heart of man , not that they obey ( by his will ) to the ever watchful eye , as the son who obeys fearful of the watchful eyes of the father, but the whole nature is expressed according to a divine plan conceived in the mind of God and all these manifestations are always the same , always faithful to that principle , because the eye of Divine Consciousness directs the operation of all Cosmic Laws .