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Egyptian tattoos designs : Egyptian Tattoos Symbols

    The Egyptian scarab :
    It is a symbol of rebirth and transformation. The fact that the beetle fly during the hottest part of the day was identified with the sun , while the dung balls with their legs forming and contained new beetle eggs symbolized the gene of existence. Symbology is a must for the dead , as the heart of it was considered vital impulse resistance , which confers life to a spirit of adventure. The beetle of ancient Egypt was regarded as a god , why is one of the oldest symbols in the world. He was considered a symbolic animal protection , it represented life and the Egyptians related to the creation , playback , virility , wisdom , renewal , resurrection and immortality. It was revered by the people symbolizing the god of creation. It is a symbol of “good will ” and many of them were made were recorded inscriptions or hieroglyphics.