The most important areas of medical tourism in Egypt

Medical Tourism accounts for between 5 % and 10% of the volume of international tourism , and because Egypt has many of the ingredients in this area has issued a decision the Prime Minister and the establishment of a specialized unit for medical tourism for development and development as an added value to the national economy , especially as the Egypt deployed by 1356 kind of water sulfur and metal , and there are hospitals and sophisticated labs advanced analysis and are provided health service for tourists within the framework of a comprehensive program to visit the tourist areas , hotel accommodation for the patient and his entourage are also being set up new projects for medical tourism and promotion through the Internet and by Annexes medical abroad and the conclusion of agreements on the new unit and expectations for the development of medical tourism .
Dr Mohammed Awad Tag Eddin, Minister of Health and Population, the medical tourism requires a specialized hospitals and Resorts therapeutic especially that Egypt is characterized by abundant sulfur water regular hot and owns nearly 1356 in kind distributed all over the governorates of Egypt .
He added that the ministerial committee on tourism therapeutic and developed a vision for some areas to prepare the projects have been processed at the request of the Investment Committee , such as a project in Hurghada for the treatment and hospitalization patients with tumors and complex A_i_vaúa in Mersa Matrouh and the International Center for Dermatology in Safaga and we are ready to cooperate with the investors, technically .
He added that the unit specialized in medical tourism will monitor the current state of medical tourism in Egypt and the world through a device to monitor and study the market, and identify needs and prepare a database for the preparation of tourists coming for the purpose of hospitalization and objectives are turning to it .
And calls on the Minister of Health to exploit the potentials of hospitals and medical centers in collaboration with the private sector and the liberalization of contracts annually to these hospitals , especially after turning treatment systems from individual to institutional than in 1975 when it was set up Cairo Hospital Specialist who testified at the beginning of his work a strong demand from the Arab brothers the owners have available hospitals experience similar large international contacts and helped to attract a large number of patients.
He said, should take over those that are contracted to process the administration and marketing of medical tourism and explained that he is currently displaying some hospitals to investors specialists with expertise to exploit them for a limited period , whether administration or participation and investment , after the preparation of brochures conditions for viewing on investors and we'll start area eyes Helwan and Safaga in one of the hospitals that are not ready to operate at full capacity with the allocation of a percentage of the free treatment .
He added that these specialized unit would undertake the coordination between all relevant departments of the Ministries of Health, Tourism and Civil Aviation and International Cooperation in collaboration with the private sector and investment as the unit would set up the center of an integrated information about health services in Egypt and their prices and the best ways to be booked and provide comfort to patients and their families accompanying them and take over also the study of foreign markets in health services and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses has employed to achieve the desired development of medical tourism in Egypt, in addition to promoting medical tourism in the country that you need by holding conferences and participation in foreign exhibitions to introduce the Egyptian health services and the extent of its development
Guidance arrivals
And Astars aspects of cooperation between the Ministry of health, tourism, aviation and international cooperation in promoting medical tourism , saying it include the establishment of the Office of the guidance of the airport to receive patients arrivals and guide them to their hospitals and the management of transportation for them , or an ambulance , in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation .
Has already been set up offices at the airport were working 24 hours a day to provide all the information for tourists and to receive and resolve complaints .
He added that he is with the Ministry of Tourism in the definition of the potential of the health service in Egypt of hospitalization in the sulfur springs and sand silt Aswan and treatment as well as hospitals and mental health in addition to liver transplantation and dialysis and kidney transplants , cornea and cataract treatments .
Also be informed commercial attaches to these potential therapeutic to encourage the marketing of health services and to participate in exhibitions health , and about the contributions made by the Ministry of Health in the plan, the new integrated to attract medical tourism says Dr. Awad Tag Eddin said the ministry bear the largest burden in this plan to be submitted final service and therefore they work to raise the level of health service provided in all its subordinate units and the development of existing units and the creation of new therapeutic units at a high level of service and hotel experience.
He said the ministry participated in some of the health fairs , Yemen , Lebanon and some African countries, is also focused on the institutional arrangements , such as the treatment of workers in some companies operating in the Gulf and Yemen also contracted with specialized companies to promote Egyptian therapeutic services in some Arab countries .
Illustrates the Minister of Health is underway to raise the level of remedial service to the two main axes : the first is the human development through the development of human skills and continuous training to acquire the skills of modern and renewable energy and the development and improvement of the situation of administrative and financial health workers , and the second axis is the development and modernization of buildings and machinery and management of the funding necessary to achieve this goal , the Ministry of Health and Population hospitals sophisticated in Sharm El Sheikh and Luxor and Abu Simbel , Hurghada and supplied the highest human competencies specialized and trained at the highest level with the promotion of surgeries kidney transplants , liver, cornea to maintain the Egyptian leadership in this area, as well as hospitals and mental health to encourage the establishment such as Center I am already in Sharm el-Sheikh , as well as sulfur baths to treat skin diseases in Helwan and bathrooms Pharaoh head Sidr and the use of pools of silt in physiotherapy and style burial in the sand Paswan for treatment of the Rheumatic Diseases , as well as the treatment of psoriasis burial in the sands of Safaga Egypt is unique in many places hospitalization natural .
But what is the ratio of fiscal revenue for medical tourism ?
Reveals d . Mohammed Awad Tag Eddin said there is not yet a full inventory and comprehensive income of medical tourism , but the Ministry of Health is to establish and strengthen a database of medical tourism and will enable the inventory of these revenues and take advantage of indicators for the development of this service . Adds that medical tourism passed a period of stagnation due mainly to compete with new states in providing health service distinct at lower prices , especially in the Eastern Bloc countries and some neighboring countries, but we have extensively studied the market and we started to modify the price lists and to improve health services and how to deal and we had bilateral agreements with some countries aimed at increasing the flow of tourists to the Egypt hospitals for the purpose of treatment as we seek to promote medical tourism in the Arab world in the first place and also in countries that have held bilateral agreements and with whom we have common interests .
He says Ahmed server chairman of the Tourism Promotion The basic requirements for the success of medical tourism available in Egypt , including the natural environment, historical and archaeological heritage . Because Egypt enjoys a unique geographical also enjoys dry weather moderate beside individually Egypt and sing the eyes of mineral water and sulfur regular and hot , which amounts to about 1356 kind distributed all over the country as Egypt overlooking the coasts benches on the Mediterranean and Red which means the diversity of its beaches and water seas , with its distinctive properties of natural and what they contain arranged sand and silt from the benefit for the treatment of many diseases .

And that the Prime Minister's decision to establish a complete unit integrated and specialized medical tourism will boost the proportion of medical tourism and encourages physical therapy services and hospitalization in natural areas with a temperate climate and high mineral water and sulfur are allowed to exploit and create the rest of the natural areas in the treatment of diseases because of their usefulness huge for the treatment of nerve and muscle pain the back and joints and Anakahahibad treatment of fractures , burns and surgical procedures , as well as some diseases of the digestive system and other so began large hospitals and clinics different and the role of the elderly in the interest physiotherapy There are also resorts and sanatoriums of the ingredients natural healing which fall under the umbrella of medical tourism .
There are some medical centers that serve the medical tourism and neighbor set up other specialized centers , five star hotels and resorts.
And according to head of the Tourism Promotion Authority that these centers provide medical and therapeutic services , diagnostic for its customers , both of Arab tourists or foreigners, or even the Egyptians and that during your stay comfortable in the hotel big star at a special price , and this is done at the hands of an elite specialized professors of medical schools Egyptian as that of tourists right choose his doctor or done under the guidance of doctors center in addition to providing medical care distinctive through the steps of accurate diagnosis and advanced to the patient's condition and treatment in a variety of disciplines in addition to that he is preparing tourist programs for patients and escorts to visit tourist attractions inside and outside Cairo at special rates and under medical supervision
Programs on the Internet
He says Majdi Salim Unit Manager Media Authority Tourism The Egyptian Company for Tourism and therapeutic services are the only ones in Egypt that deal with tourism disabled as the international center for medical tourism TourCure is the first company that specializes in providing medical and therapeutic services since about 8 years as will be set up many of these centers and spas therapeutic integrated along the lines of this central in the rest of the natural areas and therapeutic tourism , and provide facilities for tourists, students of this service luxury hotels and accommodation suitable as the Tourism Promotion Authority to design online programs prepared pages contain ingredients medical tourism in Egypt and the services provided to tourists in these areas and a detailed explanation about the importance and benefits of treatment and the quality of their
In addition, all companies Egyptian tourism offer their services either side of tourism purely or medical tourism , especially tourism companies operating in the Arab markets because there is great interest by the Ministry of Tourism and the concerned authorities Medical to activate the movement of medical tourism , especially in the Arab countries is due to the fact that the Arab countries we are linked with factors many common and the most important language in which the Arab tourist can explain and convey information about what good it suffers In this case, the treatment is the highest level.