Anxiety Therapy: Is It Time to See the Doctor ?

Anxiety Therapy: Is It Time to See the Doctor?It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious. In fact, it’s one of the body’s best defenses. Just imagine the primitive tribes of long ago. Anxiety allowed them to hunt and to watch out for predators and enemies, as well as gave them the mechanism to survive.The brain has been programmed to be aware of threats. When we are faced with fear or danger, one of our approaches is to be anxious.However, to be anxious all the time, especially for no reason, is a completely different thing. It is already known as anxiety disorder.What is anxiety disorder?Anxiety disorder is one of the leading illnesses in the world, with millions of sufferers every year. Hundreds are rushed to emergency rooms daily, and thousands are still unaware they have it.Anxiety disorder is often referred to as the uncontrollable urge or feeling of being anxious. There are a lot of reasons for this.Your bad experiences may be one of the leading causes. You’re afraid of talking to a group of people because you suffered from embarrassment when you were still young. You don’t like to ride the plane because a loved died on board an aircraft.It may also have something to do with how your mind thinks. Your brain may perceive ordinary things such as work-related stress as huge threats, compelling you to feel the common signs associated with anxiety.What are the different anxiety attacks symptoms?The signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder can differ from one sufferer to another. Others experience them so mildly they don’t have any idea they’re already having anxiety attack, while some end up taking medications on a daily basis.Usually, though, anxiety affects various aspects of your life, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Here are some of the many symptoms:Lack of sleep or insomniaPoor appetiteWeight lossFaster heart rateDizziness or nauseaLack of concentrationMuscle painIrrationalityWhat are your options for anxiety relief?The cures for anxiety can be divided into two: medications and natural treatments.A doctor normally prescribes an anti anxiety medication. The dosage depends on the severity of your anxiety disorder.Nevertheless, overcoming anxiety may also mean opting for natural treatments alone or in conjunction with your medications.For one, you can perform proper breathing techniques. Correct breathing helps relax your tensed muscles, slows down your heartbeat, removes clutter from your mind, and allows you to be more conscious of the present (people with anxiety disorder are often worried about the future).It’s also best to keep yourself healthy by reducing stress. Stress is one of the leading culprits of anxiety. It also distorts the way your body works and neurons communicate.You can also use subliminal messages or affirmations. You can modify the way your mind thinks of things. For instance, if you’re anxious of getting married, you can make use of the following subliminal messages:A good life is waiting for me after I’m married.I am marrying a good man.Life is more pleasant when shared with someone.