A Quick Comparability Of Antibacterial Soap Vs Purell Hand Sanitizer

The need to keep hands clean and germ free has become more apparent as studies show that 80% of infections contracted by people come from germs and bacteria on the hands. A person who covers their mouth to cough or sneeze, then quickly wipes their hands on a cloth, then picks up a telephone or shakes hands with someone passes germs onto the surface, object, or individual they are touching. In a restaurant or other food service area, it is very easy to transfer E Coli from a surface to food when the germs are on your hands. This article will compare antibacterial soap with Purell hand sanitizer.

A gap was identified in the ability of using soap for hand hygiene because of the need for water and a towel to dry the hands and staying away from resorting to disposable gloves. While soap is effective, this creates an inconvenience in areas where there is no source of water. However, Purell is easily placed in any location and does not require any accessories to be used.

When a person is using a liquid antibacterial soap, the weight can be prohibitive for children or individuals who have medical conditions. However, the sanitizer is available in lightweight, affordable containers that kill 99.9% of germs the instant it is used and dries quickly without the need for a towel. The plunger caps of the bottles make it very easy for any age-group to use effectively.

When you are going to use a sanitization system in your home, office, or other location, it will be important that you have a cleaning station near each area that a person or family member may exchange germs. It is also important that you make sure that no one who will be using the product has sensitivity to alcohol, since this is the main ingredient of these types of solutions.

Triclosan or Chloroxylenol are the main ingredients in antibacterial soap. These ingredients do not kill germs on contact as the alcohol based product does, however they soap generally has more moisturizers in the solution. While Purell contains moisturizing emollients, there can still be dryness when it is used on a regular basis. Another issue is that in order to stay germ free after washing with soap, an individual must have a clean towel. Many people simply “move” germs when they are sharing a dirty towel after hand washing.

Soap comes in several different sizes and forms, such as liquid or bar. Purell is available in different sized containers that have a pump through which the solution is put on the hands. The sanitizing systems are used to a great extent in health care and food service facilities where they can be set in a frame which can be moved easily when needed. Unlike a soap dispenser, the Purell is in a recyclable plastic container that can be discarded when empty.

Many people have found that keeping the Purell sanitizer in their homes is more convenient than making family members wash their hands at a sink when they have been outside, touch something or use the telephone. Since it does not need a water source to be used and air-dries very quickly, there is no need to have a towel or water on hand for use, such as with antibacterial soap.