Fort Worth Cosmetic Dentist How to Know Tooth Enamel Loss

Fort Worth Cosmetic Dentist How to Know Tooth Enamel Loss

A growing concern of tooth enamel loss for both the old and the young has been noted. By adding fluoride to the water system of its residents, some cities have taken that direction to ensure dental health. Food debris left behind in the mouth are acidic and makes the enamel to erode causing dental carries and cavities though the tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body with 96% mineral composition.

Because enamel is a most visible part of the tooth, it is easy to check for signs of wear and tear. The following signs will help you recognize tooth enamel loss

1. Tooth sensitivity. Check for enamel loss when you have increased sensitivity in a particular tooth. At the start of the enamel erosion, you might feel a hint of pain when you drink and eat foods with extreme temperatures. A lot of sweet foods intake cause affected tooth feel sensitive. This becomes painfully sensitive at the later stages of enamel loss.This is when extreme sensitivity to sugary substances and temperatures are mostly felt.

2. Discoloration. Appearance of yellowish teeth will be seen as more layers of tooth enamel will erode. The next layer of tissue under the enamel which is the dentin will begin to show.

3. Check for receding gums. Enamel can be eroded by improper brushing or gum disease, causing the gums to recede.V-shaped notches near the gum line can indicate abrasion of the enamel due to excessive brushing.

4. Chipped fractured teeth cause the dentin to get exposed. Be on the look out for them. Chronic bruxism causes the grinding surface of the molars to be flat.

5. You should review your eating habits and reduce sugary consumption. Too much exposure of teeth to sugary substances causes erosion of the enamel due to acid. This is a major contributor of enamel loss.

6. Get a dental exam if loss of tooth enamel is expected. A dentist can detect soft spots in the enamel by probing the teeth with an instrument.An X-ray can confirm the loss of enamel.

7. Using toothpicks for long can actually cause the outer enamel of your teeth to wear out more fast. Therefore too much use of toothpicks is not advised. This should only be used if you have persistent food stuck in between your mouth and not as a means of regular teeth cleaning. Avoid using toothpicks and if possible, make sure you brush your teeth after each meal. Toothpick overuse causes enamel between teeth to erode.

Tooth enamel loss treatment varies with the severity. In some instances, tooth bonding can be applied to improve cosmetic appearance as well as protect the tooth.

A significant enamel loss may be covered with a crown which also helps to protect the tooth form more decay.