Yes! No More Appetite Means Less Weight

You can actually stick to a diet by having no more appetite. One of the most difficult factors about dieting is having to go through the hunger pangs. Its hard enough that you have to put up with the withdrawals, of all those great tasting fatty foods you can’t have anymore.

Chances are you have subjected yourself to tons of diets that ended up taking you nowhere. Often this is because it is just simply to hard to deal with the constant hungry feeling. There is an easily solution to combat this though, and it simply means getting more protein and fiber into your diet regime.

There have been studies carried out that help to support this. Many people that have relied on increasing their protein and fiber intake, yet still watching their calorie intake, have found that they have been far more successful at staying on the diet. The end result in most cases was the significant weight loss that they were looking for.

You can add yogurt along with the fibre and protein, and not only are you eating healthy but you are going to feel satisfied. By emotionally feeling satisfied, you are going to be much stronger in your determination, to follow through on whatever diet regime you are following.

Some studies have showed where dieters who hit a snack attack episode resorted to a serving or two of almonds, and they felt full and content. As a result, the hunger pangs stopped along with the cravings, and the final outcome was the consumption of less calories.  If almonds are not your thing, then how about a nice juicy apple! There is an added bonus to resorting to the apples as well. They contain pectin. Pectin is known to slow down the emptying process of the stomach, which means you feel full longer.

Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal. This is one of the best diet foods you can consume. It is a natural food suppressant. Something else you might not be aware of is, that those that eat eggs for breakfast often consume less calories in the day. Stay away from frying them though, you don’t need the extra fat.

If the protein and fibre foods mentioned here don’t appeal to you, then do a little research as you are sure to find tons to your liking.