Biological clock in the human body

Biological clock in the human body that human nature set the Almighty Creator on the biological clock found in every cell of our body to fit into the command of its Lord with the function of the human during the day, which is different from his job at night, what is the story of the biological clock within the human body, and how it can turn his life and health effort … born in this world if something goes wrong with it?.
Before we answer this question we must remember that God Almighty when He created man summed honored, and the ability to choose between alternatives through the mind, which is an advantage over other objects, if Vassana any workmanship wants to have a permanence and continuity in the best form, so it is often accompanied by created catalog of the method with maintenance of this industry so you can keep it the best picture, what about the good Lord God Almighty when the man made his successor on earth is it reasonable to leave him thus without maintenance, and without approach, my God fits the creation of man in harmony with the rest of the creatures, which swim the praise of their Lord as well, and must be sure this person arrogant that there are hidden forces in the universe created by God Almighty, have laws we do not know, and the nature we do not know, and although we do not know the details of their existence they do exist and have an impact, and if there is proof of that, It is not indicative of the spirit which we know they exist but where they exist, and how leaving the body, and how to enter it?, this is what one does not know, and whether we can see the air? Or air pressure, or rumors are not visible, such as lasers, infrared and ultraviolet, etc., but we can discern the impact of all these things, so who knows the secrets of the human spirit and methods of maintenance is the Almighty Creator.
And go back to our question about the secret of the biological clock in the human body?, Our knowledge details of the genes that produce proteins that could control the organization of the biological clock, will enable us to access to the manufacture of medicines that can perform the same task, which can be through it that there is a cure for many of disease, which produces a result of the defect in the performance of the biological clock, such as insomnia, sleep disturbances, seasonal depression, aging, and other diseases that concern the rights.

Where are the biological clock?
Says Dr. Abdel Hady, that scientists were able to monitor where the biological clock after the discovery of a group of neurons located in the day, underlying the center of the brain, known as the kernel, click Altsalbip Supra Chiasmatic nucleus, and appear to be the control center daily rhythms, and composed the nucleus of two parts, part There are in the right hemisphere of the brain, Part II In the left half of the brain, and each part consists of ten thousands of neurons attached to each other, and based on the organization of schedules and coordination with the rest of the cells to reach what should be the activities of the body throughout the day.
These are found above the nucleus point of convergence of visual nerves at the bottom of the skull, as the work of this nucleus is associated with light, which works to create synchronization between the internal clock and the sessions of the light.
Perhaps the surprise, which told us the latest study, which emerged from the State University of Oregon, is that the brain is not the only member in the body which carries the genes of this session Alsarkadip which interact and are consistent with sleep and rest at night, work and waking up during the day, and that the gene called PER and TIM, Clock , Cycle, which gives the order to configure the same types of proteins in order to control the system clock, have been discovered in other cells of the body such as kidney cells and some other organs, where the secretion of some of these proteins at night when it is dark, and low per day or when exposure to light, and vice versa for some other, has been proven this fact in fruit flies and mice, and humans does not differ from previous examples of where the genetic composition of the biological clock in his body.
It is here we get to an important fact, namely, that God Almighty, who created the night and day, make a person through each function and specific performance, has also created genes of the day and night within each cell of the body to match and in harmony with God's creation in the universe, because the Creator in the end is the one Sunday in all cases ", who made the night for you to dress and sleep repose, and maketh day a resurrection."weight-loss-tips

He says: We have helped the rapid development of genetic engineering these days in finding solutions to some of the mysteries of the organism, which have long troubled the scientists, it has remained "biological clock" Biological Clock and within each of us a mystery, despite hundreds of research published around until scientists recently to determine its place in the body, and those hours are what make us feel in time and regulate the rhythm of our lives and determine the times of sleep and wake up and make us feel hungry when it's time to eat and cool our bodies at night and heat it during the day, as we find that most who use alarm clocks to wake them up wake up usually before the bell rings the alarm moments as if in warning their bodies internally wake him in time