Fight Osteoporosis Bgmawk

Since the discovery of osteoporosis in 1940, has been conducting several studies and research, and discover ways of preventing this disease, Vhishashp bone disease caused by weak bones or a lack of bone density and tissues, it is natural to lose bone density with aging, but there are people who are at risk of weak bones more than others, and therefore they be more susceptible to osteoporosis, but fortunately you can protect yourself from the risk of osteoporosis, and by eating a diet rich in nutrients that keep bones strong and correct:

The calcium is an important and essential in building bone, and consumed the body a certain amount of calcium and lose the amount of other daily, the amount of calcium that are lost Oktrmen amount needed by the body, it will happen twice bones, because the body does not create calcium himself, but you get it from food you eat.

The amount of calcium that your body needs per day is 1200 mg for adults epicanthic age of fifty, and 1000 mg for adults between 15 to 50 years, and 1300 mg for children between 9 to 18, but despite that, most people get half the amount recommended by, or about and a half share of dairy products per day, and that women over the age of twenty years drank more than one serving of dairy products a day, according to medical studies.

The dairy Msdrgne calcium, like milk, yogurt, cheese and frozen desserts containing 300 g calcium or more, equivalent to 28 grams per share, and dairy products low fat or containing water containing ratios concentrations of calcium, as well as to contain food Other Kalfosfor which the body needs to consume calcium.

Some vegetables, Kalkhaddar paper, also contain 150 to 270 mg of calcium, and other sources of calcium include:
* Sardines and salmon with bones
* Tofu (vary the amount of calcium so you should read the ingredients when purchased)
* Almond
* Calcium-fortified foods, cereals, orange juice.
If you can not deal with dairy products because of the sensitivity of lactose, it is advisable to try other products from dairy products, to find out if other species cause allergic reactions lighter than the other, for example: milk may not bother you in the same way that bother you where milk and, if you are you not to an adequate amount of calcium, calcium-fortified cereal pharmaceutical will help you to compensate for the lack of calcium.

The protein is the second sources necessary for bone health, and foods rich in protein include:
* Meat, chicken and fish
* Nuts and seeds
* Dairy products
* Dried beans and peas
* Eggs
All foods containing protein, both the quantity small or large, helps the body absorb calcium, and advised to eat protein in moderation, and the amount to be taken of protein for women from age 19 and above is 46 grams a day, when men of the same 56 grams .

Other nutrients that help strengthen bones
Vitamin D is very important for the role the process of absorption of calcium, and thus helps to prevent osteoporosis, and the quantity to be ingested vitamin D is 400 to 800 international units for adults who were over the age of fifty, and 800 to 1000 international units for adults from the age of fifty and above, and can access to the body's need of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight for a period of fifteen minutes, but if you accompany your home or live in a cold climate, you can take the pill pharmaceutical fortified with Vitamin D containing 400 to 600 units worldwide, as milk is a source of calcium and vitamin D because it are supported by the milk often, in addition to egg yolks, and fish that live in salt water, and liver.
The magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, fluoride and vitamin A, and vitamin C are essential also for the prevention of osteoporosis, eat a well balanced diet includes a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, meat, legumes, nuts and seeds, will ensure to provide the body with necessary food.

Diet pills or pharmaceutical?
That for the body to the minimum essential food items, will be important to maintain bone health, and prevention of vulnerability and fragility, as advised to obtain nutrients from foods instead of taking vitamins in cereals Aldaoiip, and in case was to eat three or four servings of derivatives Dairy did not meet the body's need for food, you can eat cereals supply of multi-vitamins that contain 400 international units of vitamin D, and also recommended eating cereal calcium supplements separately, because the calcium interacts with other foodstuffs.
Health Definition, History and Basics
 Must have to know the food task in the prevention of osteoporosis, and make sure that the diet that we follow to ensure intake of foods that contain adequate amounts and sufficient elements and nutrients that help build bone.

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