Find out why you feel tired all the time

Most of us blamed on lifestyle permanent concern and daily routine to our sense of fatigue and laziness of durable, most of the time we were right so, you feel tired for most of the time, do not neglect yourself, and make some changes in your life for two weeks or three weeks, and be sure to get an installment enough sleep, and balanced between social relationships, and strive to eat more healthy food, and drink more fluids, vitamins, and avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol.

If you continue to feel tired after you change your life, you should consult a doctor, it may be this sense of presentation of a particular disease, is associated with its removal treatment of this disease, and Faqaltabibp Sandra Adamson is competent to diseases of the Interior, and the following seven common diseases may not be aware you are infected by, and be a reason for feeling tired:

1. Anemia
Is a common condition among women who Eitnoln a sufficient amount of iron, and fatigue caused by anemia is the result of a lack of red blood cells which carry oxygen from the lungs to cells and tissues of the body, which is weak, and the need to breathe.
Result in anemia from an acute shortage of iron or vitamin, Oodaf the force of blood, or in case of internal bleeding, or chronic illness as a disease arthritis or cancer or a bug in college, and women are more susceptible to iron deficiency because of blood loss during menstruation, and the body's need for more iron during pregnancy and lactation, according to the theories of the doctor and Albrooviswralambri Lawrence Crouch at the University of San Francisco.

Symptoms: fatigue is the viewer the main, there are also few and difficulty sleeping, lack of concentration, accelerated heart beat, chest pain, feeling a headache, in addition to a sense of exhaustion in the exercise of any exercise simple Ksaud stairs or walking a short distance.

Assessment of the situation: You can find out your injury anemia conduct a full examination of the body, as well as an analysis of whole blood (CBC) to ascertain the level of red blood cells in the blood, and the amount of blood in the urine.

2. Diabetes
More than a million people a year are diagnosed his illness as diabetes type II, but many may not be aware that living with the disease.
Sugar, also called Balgluckoz is the fuel of the body, and for people with diabetes type two their bodies can not consuming the right amount of glucose, causing the accumulation of glucose in the blood, and without additional body to sufficient energy, the result is boiled feeling tired which is one of the first signs of diabetes, Kmaicol Dr. Christopher Sodk which is responsible for medical research program at Johns Hopkins University.

Symptoms: In addition to fatigue, other symptoms Kattc continuous, frequent urination, feeling hungry, and weight loss, and suffering from vaginal infections and blurred vision.

Assessment of the situation: There Vhassan important for diabetes: first, examining the ratio of glucose plasma during fasting for eight hours, and often is this test in the morning, and the other test Hoachtbar glucose in the mouth twice, the first time before taking the glucose, and the other, two hours after taking glucose.

3. Thyroid disease
When an imbalance secrete thyroid hormones become daily activities is exhausting and arduous, Valgdp thyroid is the size of a node tie in men, located in the top of the neck, also secrete hormones that control the process of metabolism, and many of these hormones accelerate the process of metabolism, and a few of them slows down the process metabolism.

Symptoms: excessive thyroid Ifrasalgdp cause muscle fatigue, and muscle weakness of the thighs, touch it significantly in the exercise of some exercises like riding a bike or climbing the stairs, where exercise is becoming more difficult. Other symptoms include weight loss, feeling of warmth all the time, accelerated heartbeat, and the flow of menstruation or lack of menstruation in women, and the thirst of growing, and that hyperthyroidism is common among women at the age of the twenties and thirties, but it can happen aged greater in women and men also, in accordance with Dr. Robert McConnell, Director of the Centre thyroid glands specialist at Columbia University in Newark.
On the other hand causes a lack of secretion of thyroid fatigue, permanent, and inability to concentrate, and muscle pain even during the activity is simple, and other symptoms include weight gain as a result of fluid retention, feeling cold all the time, even in warm weather, and the flow of menstruation or lack of menstruation, and constipation stomach It is common in women higher installed the age of fifty, and in fact 10% of patients who Taktin session at least a simple lack of secretion in the thyroid gland.

Assessment of the situation: You can check the thyroid blood test conducted, says McConnell: Thyroid disorders can be treated so you do thyroid test when all the people who suffer from fatigue, muscle Oodaf.

4. Depression
A very common disease adversely affects the sleep habits and eating, say, our confidence and faith in ourselves and our abilities, and failure to find a radical solution to get rid of depression and lead to symptoms persisting for weeks Ooochehr several, or even for years, so it is important to distinguish symptoms and get help.

Symptoms: the causes of depression vary from person to person, but it is common to lead depression to a lack of energy for the body, and change the behavior of sleeping and eating, and leads to memory problems, lack of focus and a sense of frustration, and hopelessness, and lack self-confidence, and negative thinking.

Assessment of the situation: There is no blood test to diagnose depression, but the doctor can do this by directing several questions, and if you suffer from five symptoms or more to make up for more than two weeks, or if the symptoms are affecting your life you should consult with a specialist mental health, and suggests that you a comprehensive physical examination the doctor to control the other symptoms:
* Tiredness or lack of energy
* Little or sleep too much
* Persistent sadness, anxiety, mood sour
* Lack of appetite, weight loss, Ooxiaodp appetite and weight gain
Feeling uncomfortable and discomfort lasting
* The continued suffering of the physical symptoms of headaches Ataatjob for treatment or chronic pain, Owalimsak and other digestive disorders
* Difficulty in concentrating, remembering or taking decisions
Feeling guilt and loss of hope and lack of self confidence
Frequent thinking about death or suicide
• Non-exercise activities to enjoy you favorite

5. Rheumatoid arthritis
An autoimmune disease or a central self, and often can not be diagnosed easily, but there are some ways to find out.
Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the immune system attacks itself, and attacks the cells of the joints, sometimes causing significant damage in the bone and cartilage.

Symptoms: Most symptoms are Kaltab or lack of energy or loss of appetite, pain in the joints, in addition to suffering from other symptoms common to other diseases include lupus, diseases of the muscle fiber, it is also very common in people with anemia and thyroid disorders that cause fatigue, and in accordance with Dr. John Keeble, head of the appropriate organization of rheumatoid arthritis.
Looking specialists rheumatoid arthritis for four criteria for the diagnosis of the disease: pain in the joints and around in the morning and continue for one hour before the onset of other symptoms in the three cells of the joints, at least, so that a detailed and at least one bulging at the wrist or knuckle or in the joint East of the finger, in addition to the appearance of tumors and is similar on both sides of the body, forming lumps of tissue under the skin, and the erosion of the bones in the wrist or hand joints, and can be detected by the imaging radiation.

Assessment of the situation: The holding of a thorough examination by specialists arthritis provides some evidence on the incidence of the disease, but there are some tests that confirm rheumatoid arthritis, which is found antibodies Palm, and approximately 80% of people with arthritis has been the discovery of these objects have, but test result is not conclusive.

6. Sleep apnea
May occur in the sleep disorder if you feel tired when you wake up, regardless of the comfort that you think you got it during sleep.
Can be described sleep disorder of this kind stop breathing for a short time during sleep, in most cases, the disorder of breathing during sleep resulting from the closure of the upper respiratory tract several seconds and alerting the brain, giving it waking so that they can breathe.
May stop breathing when a people with a number of times or even hundreds of times per night, according to Dr. Rosanne Barker, a former director of the sleep-Baptiste competent.

Symptoms: It can be summed up snoring symptoms of the disease, which is followed by a feeling tired the next day, and stop breathing because the cause is heart disease also cause high blood pressure, and stroke is very important to do a test to verify it.

Assessment of the situation: require testing in the sleep clinic where they are tested and control the pattern of sleep and changes in breathing and brain activity during sleep.

7. Chronic Fatigue
People with chronic fatigue, feel tired when I do routine activities, which are easily exhausted when you do any simple effort.

Symptoms: Other symptoms include headache, small faults and joints, muscle weakness, and weakness of the lymph nodes and the inability to focus.
The case of chronic fatigue remain elusive because it is not the discovery of the cause.

Assessment of the situation: There is no specific examination, but the doctor has determined that for cases similar to the symptoms of lupus, multiple sclerosis prior to diagnosis.