Get rid of tension weekend

Exhausted after a week and a busy and works that may not end, come the weekend to give you a sense of comfort and pleasure, away from tension and effort.
Ha came on Friday, day of rest and relaxation, but unfortunately the majority spent sleeping or watching television, which miss the chance to enjoy the holiday, and exploitation in order to return to work and you are full of vitality and activities, there are several activities as well as comfort eating, and exercise, and meet friends, you can exercised to eliminate the tension of work, and provide you with energy, it has created a research friendly to most people:

1. Social Networks
Even if you were to prefer to spend the holiday alone, then the planning for a holiday one, accompanied by a friend, communication with others, and their friendship and love, and you feel that you are a loved one is one of the causes of happiness.

Another way to connect with others is to spend some time and spend money in order to gain experience or skill is Ktabk, or learn a new language, as pointed out by some research on it make us more happiness than tangible things, and stresses Sonia Eboumyrsky author of the book "How do you feel happy": when thing available to you will get used to it quickly, so plan to spend the night of the holiday in a place outside the home may have read about or to join the ranks of one of learning to cook with a friend, you will feel pleasure and interest gained by a few weeks or months.

2. Soul food
Whenever a person is more inclined to go to religious places, the more satisfaction and contentment and peace, according to a study conducted in 2008 in the Journal of Economics psychological, Faith and prayer no matter what religion soothes the soul, and make us feel tranquility and peace of mind, and it is essential to make us feel that we belong to a big world, not only on ourselves only, in contrast showed some studies show that volunteer work has the same effect, in addition to the practice of yoga that removes the tension and soothes the nerves, In a recent study found that spiritual exercises Kaltmarin mental normal can affect the state of the brain, so that transmitted the reassurance and satisfaction with self, so Make part of your vacation, and set aside time for prayer and meditation, or volunteer for an hour or two hours to do a social work, it will lift your spirits are clear, but if you feel tired of durable, do consult your doctor.

3. Unleash the body
The exercise stimulates the secretion of the hormone Alandrofen, a hormone nerve is responsible for improved mood rights, and sense of happiness and pleasure necessary for a more than rights and improve performance, and exercise make you feel that you are the commander of yourself, in addition to the exercise of any physical activity likable you are a good step Fitness of the body, enjoy your time, and will increase interest rates more if practiced these exercises outside the home, in the search, during which a study of 11 cases published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, found that people who engage in such activities abroad feel the card and vitality more and more inclined to maintain the practice practice, this is good news because it has the benefit of physical health in the long term, and the more rehearsed, the more the mind more Cefaoua, so plans for vacation for a trip to walk or ride a bike, Ooandm to one of the ranks of dance with a friend, you'll feel the energy and vitality to receive week a new track.

4. Pressure of routine work
To avoid a long list of chores, assign two or three hours to complete this work, says Casey Mugelgnier that time management will allow you to give priority to the achievement of some business, and coronal each other, or disposed of, he performed one last bring some goods from the grocery store, or clean the living room one day a week.

5. Get rid of the electrical
After a week of taking decisions and actions, the TV viewing may be fun desirable, but the reality watching TV less fun than we imagine, it was found psychologists at the University of Maryland, that the people others are happy watching television by 30% more people happy, so you reduce browse TV channels, the Internet is also where you may cause tension and stress.

6. Remember happy moments and fun
In a recent study showed that the human being recalled sad memories are clear, and expected bad things, which explains the sour purity of our lives and our mood for the holiday until the end of the week, Instead of plans for one of the activities that you want to do in the evening, the holiday was turning a deep sleep after thinking beautiful tribute, or a new adventure you want to accomplish without your temper tension, and strain yourself.