Is It Okay to Get Dental Fillings While Pregnant?



Sometimes you have dental work that needs to be done, even when you are in a stage of life such as pregnancy. It is very common for expecting moms to wonder if it is okay to get dental work done, like getting a cavity filled, while they are pregnant.

Here is the thing, when you are pregnant, it is not only safe to get a dental cleaning done but it is encouraged. While pregnant, a woman's gums can become swollen due to the rise in hormones; this can cause food to get caught easily and gums to bleed more when brushing and flossing. This sort of dental work when you are pregnant is very necessary.


What about getting cavities filled?


This sort of restorative dentistry is great to help reduce the chance of infection. If you do get a dental filling while expecting, then one of the best times to have this done is during your second trimester. The third trimester can make it difficult to lay back that far for so long, that is why the earlier trimesters are recommended.


If you are able to wait, however, then that is the most recommended course of action for getting a dental cavity filled. If it is needing to be fixed as soon as possible, then that is what has to happen and can be done safely.


If you are considering other dental work like whitening or more serious things like root canals and tooth extractions, then those are different stories. The most serious cases like root canals and tooth extractions will be done right away; those cannot wait to be fixed at a later point in time and should be done as soon as possible.



Cosmetic procedures, like teeth whitening, should be postponed until after the birth of your child. Cosmetic procedures, while not always elective, are often procedures that can wait until the end of the pregnancy and the issue will be in the same stage whether done during the pregnancy or after.


Currently, there are studies about how the effects of the medications can affect the developing baby; drugs like Lidocaine can cross the placenta; this is a drug that is often used during dental procedures.


If you are considering any dental work, even if you are pregnant, then contact Rubino Dentistry. We are a Chicagoland dental office located in Park Ridge. As a Park Ridge dentist, Dr. Rubino understands the care that is needed for any scenario, such as pregnancy.