Center for Biological Diversity Names Elise Bennett Florida Director

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— The Center for Biological Diversity announced today that Elise Bennett has been promoted to the position of Florida director. Bennett, a born-and-raised Floridian who has worked as an attorney at the Center since 2016, will oversee the Center’s conservation work in the state, including recovering endangered species and reducing the water pollution … Read more

Scientists Bring Forests into the Internet of Things

Forests have a complex relationship with climate change. On the one hand, they absorb atmospheric carbon, even proliferating amid changing climates. On the other hand, they can suffer under higher heat stress, degrading their carbon sink capacity and drought resilience. With some $10.5 million in funding from the German Research Foundation, scientists in Europe are … Read more

No, scientists still don’t know what dark matter is. But MSU scientists helped uncover new physics while looking for it. –ScienceDaily

About three years ago, Wolfgang “Wolfi” Mittig and Yassid Ayyad went looking for the universe’s missing mass, better known as dark matter, in the heart of an atom. Their expedition didn’t lead them to dark matter, but they still found something that had never been seen before, something that defied explanation. Well, at least one … Read more

“This is the worst environment for gold,” but it is still worth holding precious metals and commodities – Will Rhind

(Kitco News) – Gold is currently trading near $1,735 and is down 6 percent year-to-date. This is one of the “worst environments for gold,” said Will Rhind, CEO and Founder of GraniteShares. “You have a surging US dollar… coupled with a FOMC who are raising rates faster than most, if not all, major developed economies … Read more

Spatial Biology Guides Biomarker Discovery and Drug Development

Sponsored content brought to you by While current immuno-oncology research is revealing diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive cell states, and identities with implications for drug and diagnostic development as well as diagnostic testing, it is challenged in that only a minority of patients respond. Therefore, the development of robust biomarkers, enabling patient selection and design of … Read more

Scientists reveal distribution of dark matter around galaxies 12 billion years ago

The radiation residue from the Big Bang, distorted by dark matter 12 billion years ago. Credit: Reiko Matsushita A collaboration led by scientists at Nagoya University in Japan has investigated the nature of dark matter surrounding galaxies seen as they were 12 billion years ago, billions of years further back in time than ever before. … Read more

Formation of dwarf galaxy observed using India’s AstroSat

The background is a 3-color optical image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The small box (left) shows a sample dwarf galaxy that was observed with the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope on AstroSat. AstroSat detected extremely blue star-forming clumps on the galaxy’s outer boundary (3-color UV-optical image shown in zoomed-in box). Credit: Ministry of Science & … Read more