Clue Genetics’ President and SAB members win the Ōmura Award from the Journal of Antibiotics

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, July 28, 2022 / — Clue Genetics Inc. (Clue) is pleased to announce that a publication co-authored by the firm’s President, Dr Cedric Pearce and two of its scientific advisory board members , Professor Nicholas Oberlies and Dr. Huzefa Raja, both of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, have been awarded this year’s prestigious Ōmura prize from the Journal of Antibiotics for an excellent research article. Oberlies and his colleagues received the award in recognition of a pioneering technique that they devised, which enables the robust high throughput characterization of metabolites produced by small quantities of microbial cultures. The method was originally published in The Journal of Antibiotics and is currently being deployed by Clue Genetics to characterize the metabolites produced by the company’s proprietary library of ~50,000 fungal strains. Using a combined metabologenomic approach, Clue’s scientists are identifying the sets of genes that encode for the biosynthesis of a broad panel of novel fungus-derived natural products. The identified genes are then deployed in fermentation microbes to scale the production of these biomolecules to enable their development as pharmaceuticals and for other end uses in a range of industries.

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