Dr. Heavenly Kimes a victim of her own shade

It took a few seasons, but the ladies of Married to Medicine had enough of the big mouth of Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

In the recent July 24 episode, we saw the ladies confront their co-star in an intervention that took place at the house of Dr. Contessa Metcalf, who is hurt by Heavenly’s shade on her YouTube channel, which Toya Bush-Harris describes as an “ambush a lot of us.”

While Heavenly professes to love all the ladies, they have talked about them all, including their husbands. Part of that ambush was calling Toya’s husband, Dr. Eugene Harris basically a woman because he is in touch with his female side of him.

But that is Heavenly Kimes. Every sense the dentist joined the cast of Married to Medicine, she hasn’t exactly held back when telling it like it is and fans of the show wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, Dr. Heavenly is a bit of comic relief. Although at times it can get annoying, throwing continuous shade at her co-stars has appeared to reach its limit. But was the intervention the right approach?

As Contessa played highlights of Dr. Heavenly’s shade via her YouTube montage, Kimes laughed while the rest of the Married to Medicine women took notes and shook their head at Dr. Heavenly’s reaction.

Could Kimes take her own medicine?

As both Quad Webb and Dr. Jackie Walters predicted prior to the intervention, it didn’t go well as no one likes to be ambushed and Dr. Heavenly Kimes did feel a sense of betrayal that the ladies got together to give her a piece of their mind about what they believe is betrayal out of the mouth of Kimes.

The intervention ended in a shouting match between Heavenly and Contessa that drew a bigger wedge between the two friends as it was Contessa who had the biggest beef with Heavenly who threw much shade at her marriage.

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In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Quad revealed that the friendship between those two could be over.

“Those two will never see eye to eye,” Webb said. “I don’t think the trust is there anymore. I don’t think that they even desire to want to rebuild or restore a friendship.”

It wouldn’t be a Bravo TV reality show if good friends stayed good friends forever, so the drama between Heavenly and Contessa was probably overdue, but the strategy between bringing Heavenly light to how she has hurt the rest of the Married to Medicine co-stars wasn’t the right approach.

“When we’re talking about an intervention, we’re trying to get to the core of a reason,” Quad continued in the interview. “I do n’t feel that Contessa going to get her enemies from her to say this was an ‘intervention’ was the right thing to do.”

So, while the intervention obviously went way left, Dr. Heavenly has apologized for the way she has dissed a few of her co-stars, including Webb. But, the question remains, has she learned from the “ambush” or will it cause Kimes to open her mouth even more. This will certainly be a headline the rest of this Married to Medicine season 9.

A victim of her own shade? Dr. Heavenly Kimes will certainly face the shade until she realizes her own shade of her caused the ambush.

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