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Tied up in Knots

Clyde Carter had the crowd at the Dunn’s Rock Community Center tied up in knots during Thursday night’s Pie and Program event.

Providing lengths of braided nylon rope, Carter demonstrated a number of knot tying techniques and tricks which he has collected in his book “Knot Crazy.”

Carter instructed the audience on how to “whip” and “pop” overhand knots, with occasional squeals of triumph coming from the rope-flicking crowd. Even the most cynical participants were amazed at their success when the jumble of loops they had produced according to Carter’s instruction resulted in a monkey chain of knots when one end was pulled. Carter’s wife Jayne Fought provided able assistance to those who were struggling with the techniques.

One of the most mesmerizing tricks was the Eskimo Yo-Yo where Carter held the center section of rope and set the two ends spinning in opposite directions. While Carter demonstrated the technique with an up and down motion, Fought showed how it was done from side to side.

No participant was successful in getting this trick on the first try, but it is sure to keep folks puzzling and practicing the technique for weeks to come.


Learning how to live in harmony with black bears will be the topic of the August Pie and Program event. Justin McVey of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission will present a program called “Bearwise” on Thursday, Aug. 18. Dessert will be served at 6:30 pm and the program will begin at 7 pm

As Mountain Regional District Wildlife Biologist, McVey helps provide technical guidance to landowners regarding wildlife. In the case of bears, he strives to help keep bears wild and people safe.

McVey has an undergraduate degree in zoology and a master’s degree in wildlife and conservation biology, both from NC State University. While in school, I have studied the food habits of coyotes and red wolves in Eastern North Carolina.

McVey’s other job duties include technical regarding nuisance wildlife, development and review of hunting and trapping regulations, and monitoring of wildlife populations including the management of North Carolina’s elk herd assistance on private and public land.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Democratic Precinct Gathering

The Dunn’s Rock, Cedar Mountain and East Fork Democratic precincts will gather at the community center this Saturday, July 30, from 11:45 am until 2 pm The speaker will be Dan Carter, historian, author and University of South Carolina Professor Emeritus, on how democracies falter and turn into autocracies. For more information, email kropwalk@gmail.com.

Community Center News

Inquiries about renting the community center can be made by texting Janet Robertson at (828) 384-0104. Send your Dunn’s Rock News to dunnsrock view@gmail.com.


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