Extra Extra: Are physicists scamming us by searching for non-existent particles they make up?

Good Monday afternoon in New York City, where at least someone found a 3,200-square-foot loft in Greenpoint for $500 a month. Here’s what else is happening:

  • New York magazine has a good cover story by Esther Wang about recent violence against Asian New Yorkers, the challenge of prosecuting (and defining) hate crimes, the racial tensions inherent in calling for more policing after attacks by mentally ill or homeless Black New Yorkers, and the question of which precautions are useful and what’s paranoia.
  • The old wooden bar that once sat in the infamous Stork Club — where JFK brought Marilyn Monroe on dates, etc. — is now sitting inside a recently-closed Irish pub in the Financial District that’s about to become an elementary school, a conversion that’ll likely see the bar itself get destroyed.
  • Today we learned that when the DOT tears up your street and then leaves it all chunky and raw for a few weeks before paving it over, there’s a reason.
  • The Rolling Loud festival at Citi Field on Saturday ended with disappointments after several artists got their performances cut short or never performed at all, an issue that’s possibly the result of rappers showing up to the venue late and then not getting to go on stage before the strict 10 pm curfew.
  • After Vladimir Putin announced plans to call up 300,000 former soldiers to fight in Ukraine, “how to leave Russia” blew up on Google, and now Putin is reportedly planning to ban military-age men who haven’t already fled from leaving the country.
  • Cuba just legalized same-sex marriage.
  • It seems, according to German physicist Sabine Hossenfelder, that there’s a quiet scam going on in the world of academia where theoretical physicists sit around and imagine new types of undiscovered particles (?), and experimental physicists know it’s bs, but they can get grant money to investigate whether those particles exist, so this cycle just keeps going.
  • Keith Olbermann has decided to reveal that he once dated Kyrsten Sinema — but back when she was “a legit progressive.”
  • This new Netflix movie Athena seems intense… in part because the director consciously decided that a Netflix movie needed to be way more intense than a “cinema film” because people will click away after five minutes.
  • This fall: cocktails, but smaller!
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  • And finally, sneak attack:

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