GreenMet Unveils Expert Steering Committee to Shape Environment and Sustainability Best Practices in Rare Earth and Mineral Supply Chains for North America

Steering Committee Members Span the Environmental, Defense, Academic, and Investment Communities

WASHINGTON, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GreenMet, a company built to de-risk the highly vulnerable mineral supply chain, today announced the formation of its new Sustainability Steering Committee. The Sustainability Steering Committee will help GreenMet ensure that the critical minerals the company helps procure and process comply with the highest sustainable and responsible business standards. As critical minerals are essential to both America’s clean energy future and its national security, the Steering Committee includes leaders who have held senior positions in government, environmental advocacy organizations, businesses and investment companies, and the national security establishment. The anaugural members of the Steering Committee include:

  • Robert BikelDirector and Lead Faculty for the Social, Ethical, and Environmental Responsibility (SEER) Program at Pepperdine University Graziado Business School
  • Sherri Goodmanformer US Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Environmental Policy
  • Mahesh Ramanujamformer CEO of the US Green Building Council

GreenMet was launched in March 2022 through a strategic investment by the Libra Group, a privately-owned international business group whose subsidiaries own and operate assets in more than 50 countries.

“I am thrilled that Mahesh, Sherri, and Robert will guide us as we secure a safe, North American supply of critical minerals in the most sustainable manner possible,” said Drew Horn, CEO of GreenMet. “GreenMet is committed to de-risking the supply chain while limiting emissions and environmental impact, ensuring high labor standards, and creating enough processed critical minerals for the US military and clean energy industries.”

Critical minerals are an essential input in everything from batteries and solar panels to jets and communications equipment, meaning the US military and energy industries would struggle to operate without critical critical minerals supply. Unfortunately, America’s pacing threats control much of the critical supply chain, making a robust, secure domestic supply a priority.

“This announcement reflects the deep values ​​of our Group and its subsidiaries that by innovating and advancing sustainability throughout our business, we will contribute to building a better future. We applaud GreenMet on this exciting new step for the industry as it works to bring critical minerals to North America in a sustainable way,” said Arguiró Ellefteriu, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Libra Group.

About GreenMet

GreenMet is focused on developing the infrastructure for sustainable, reliable, and secure supply chains of rare earth metals and minerals to meet North American energy and technology needs. This includes the production of rare earth minerals and metals, including the production of key magnets, battery material, and green steel.

About Libra Group

The Libra Group ( is a privately owned international business group whose subsidiaries own and operate assets in more than 50 countries. The group is predominantly active in six sectors, including several vital to the global economy. These sectors include shipping, aviation, renewable energy, real estate and hospitality, as well as selected diversified investments. The group has also created 10 social responsibility programs that have a positive impact on the lives of many people around the world. The Libra Group is committed to supporting a more sustainable and equitable future, including harnessing human ingenuity to help mitigate climate change while promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our global footprint.

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