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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Pulsed electromagnetic fields and Nikola Tesla-inspired ionized gases may sound like the makings of the next sci-fi blockbuster, but one locally launched wellness studio is quite literally utilizing “hertz to hurt heals” of all kinds with cult following success.

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House of Hertz, a sister concept of biophotonic technology company Root Cause Clinic, has finally launched its long-awaited vibrational wellness studio as a complement to its beaming online clinic counterpart.

So what exactly is a vibrational wellness studio?

“Quite simply, we use physics to optimize physiological function,” House of Hertz scientist Veronica Leslie Panagopoulos said. “Frequency is to the human body as software is to computer hardware.”

There’s a relationship between the two, Panagopoulos said, and both lenses are important in considering the totality of human health. But while the current allopathic model has become quite adept at handling acute-onset “hardware” problems, it often leaves much to be desired when it comes to that which animates the body. Addressing such “software” issues is where House of Hertz comes into the picture.

Panagopoulos is a former agriculture scientist specializing in geophysics systems. She later graduated from the United Kingdom-based College of Naturopathic Medicine and makes up half of the founding duo of the bioenergetic-obsessed brand with technology that’s taking the internet by storm.

The company is also spearheaded by Deana Morales, a logistics industry self-made businesswoman and mother of five who sought out Panagopoulos after seeing firsthand the power of what a physics-oriented approach could do for her and her children’s health. Today, Morales and Panagopoulos have teamed up to offer industry-leading technology that’s fully vetted and backed by science for nearly any ailment one could think of.

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House of Hertz features frequency-fueled options for everyone. Therapies available for booking include transcranial microcurrent; ionic cellular detox foot baths; full-spectrum, low-EMF infrared saunas; medical-grade thermographic imaging; and even photon accumulator-based technology engineered by a protégé of Tesla.

“Our delta wavelength transcranial microcurrent, for example, can show results for chronic pain patients in just a single session,” Panagopoulos said. “Likewise, it shows just as much promise in helping soothe and regulate the autonomic nervous system dysregulation seen in our spectrum- and sensory-affected pediatric clients. In particular, we decided to add this modality to our service lineup for its ability to end my TMJ (jaw pain and immobility) and Deana’s heart palpitations in just a single session.”

If visiting House of Hertz, be sure not to miss the PEMF plasma photon delivery device known as the Biocharger, which Panagopoulos describes as her all-time favorite.

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As an agriculture scientist, Panagopoulos draws much of her algorithm and data analysis inspiration from nature’s creational patterns. She said the Root Cause Clinic’s algorithm used to identify the age of the corresponding emotional conflicts in clients’ biophotonic emotional scans is really just a transverse-to-longitudinal-wave conversion with some reverse-engineering dendrochronology thrown in.

“The Biocharger engineering speaks to me for the same reason. Its design honors that effective bioenergetics is about much more than transferring specific frequencies,” she added. “It’s about understanding how they should be transferred, and for this, you must first understand how they are in fact received.”

The plasma-fueled, Schuman resonance-mimicking function of the Biocharger is akin to a special speakeasy knock that mimics humanity’s own natural relationship with the layers of the ionospheric, Panagopoulos said. Unlike nearly all other light-based therapies, the device actually queues the body into understanding that it’s not only being spoken to, but to listen and transcribe that message back to its “software” systems.

For those seeking to further geek out on all things oscillatory, the vibrational wellness startup will be hosting a technology tour, with complimentary sessions for the first to register, on June 28 and 29 at 5:30 pm Attendees will be privy to a two-hour lectured tour as well as a question-and-answer session with Panagopoulos. Reservations are strongly suggested and can be made at



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