Impact fund Ocean 14 Capital invests $12m in shrimp genetics and nutrition firm SyAqua

Ocean 14 Capital Fund, a private equity impact investment fund focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14): Life Below Water,​ has signed a deal to purchase a controlling stake, valued at US$12m, in SyAqua from Golden Springs Group (GSG).

SyAqua is engaged in genetics and early nutrition to the shrimp hatchery market, with a historical focus in Asia. The company has operations in the US, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia with relevant commercial presence in several shrimp producing countries worldwide.

Sustainability challenges

An impact fund targeting €150m (US$157m) and focused on driving a sustainable and regenerative blue economy, Ocean 14 Capital said its debut investment capitalizes on the intensification and sustainability trends in the shrimp farming industry.

Despite significant progress in the recent past, the investors believe the industry is still overshadowed by inefficient resource use of unsustainable practices. “SyAqua’s technologies in genetics and nutrition have a powerful impact on sustainable intensification of the shrimp industry by reducing waste per unit of production and the ensuing externalities,​” said George Duffield, founding partner and chair of impact, for the Fund’s investment advisor, Ocean 14 Capital Ltd.

Francisco Saraiva Gomes, founding partner and chief investment officer, Ocean 14 Capital Ltd, said: “SyAqua is in growth mode, quickly increasing its performance by leveraging its superior market presence and tech platforms. Over time we plan to build SyAqua into a platform for sustainable shrimp technologies and we hope that the Fund will invest significantly more than its initial commitment of US$12m.”


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