Jalen Hurts understands the value of team chemistry

For his part, Hurts was dynamic. In 15 starts, Hurts produced 3,928 total yards from scrimmage and totaled 26 touchdowns. He presented NFL defenses with an array of skills that helped him become the first quarterback in league history to pass for 4,000-plus passing yards and 1,000-plus rushing yards in his first 20 starts. The first quarterback in league history …

But that’s not enough for Hurts. He’s a perfectionist and an astonishingly mature 23-year-old (he turns 24 on August 7) ​​who is deeply committed to the game, his teammates, the community, and his family. In an era of me, me, me, Hurts is all about what’s around him. He lives it. He breathes it. He means it.

As Hurts started his Welcome to Training Camp press conference on Wednesday, he was asked about the baseball cap he wore (it read Breed of 1), and he took the opportunity to launch into how he spent the penultimate weekend of his offseason. Hurts went deep into the inner belly of Philadelphia, hosting a football camp that was about football, yes, but more about the message. His message from him.

“Everybody has something special about them,” he said. “There is always something unique about a person; it’s just for that person to see it. Talking about the youth, you’ve got to give them something to believe in.”

The Eagles believe in Hurts – goodness, how many times were they asked about it in the offseason?!? – and have built around his multidimensional skills an offense that the team hopes can be an equal-opportunity inflictor of pain on defenses. The running game last season, with the help of Hurts’ 784 yards, of course – led the NFL in rushing. The passing game added Pro Bowl receiver AJ Brown and an under-the-radar player in Zach Pascal, whom the coaching staff thinks will add toughness, reliability, and leadership. The offensive line reloaded, adding interior lineman Cam Jurgens in the NFL Draft, and is expected to be among the best in the business once again.

All of the pieces are in place for the offense to have success, and Hurts is the driving force. He’s now a veteran of 19 NFL starts, something to keep in mind, and the game is coming to him. Every rep he takes, every throw he makes, the picture becomes clearer and clearer.

“I think it definitely slows down over time. I think it slows down with reps,” he said. “This is my first time having the same playcaller, coach, since my dad (Averion was the head coach) in high school when I was, like, 16. I think it’s a big difference. I think it’s exciting.”

Hurts is on the same page with Sirianni in every way as the offense has continued to evolve. The Eagles want to play to Hurts’ strengths and he wants to make his game better in every phase. There is no push and pull here. Instead, the Eagles are committed to building an offense that can win any way each week.

After the 2021 season, Hurts went to work on breaking down his mechanics, watched film from the year and pushed himself to new borders. When I reported back to the NovaCare Complex in the spring and threw in the practices then, Hurts had a faster release, a better understanding of where to go with the football, and greater accuracy. I have felt it. The Eagles saw it.

“You can see he’s a year further into it, decisions are being made quicker and faster each time he gets a rep at it. Just like a lot of quarterbacks in this league, they get better with their decision-making over time,” Sirianni said. “You’re definitely going to see that. You will still see his playmaking ability with his feet. I saw a more accurate passer in OTAs, and now he’s got to go and continue to improve every single day. But I really thought he had great progress in OTAs and just got to continue to ride the momentum of that through Training Camp each and every day.”

Each and every day is here. And there is Hurts, laughing in the hallways with his receivers from him. He’s in the cafeteria, enjoying a meal with the linemen. In the weight room, he’s pushing it with the running backs. A man of the team, Hurts is, as he’s been from Day 1. Every minute he spends with his guys, he knows, the benefits on the back end come out tenfold.

The thoughts of 2021 – the road to the playoffs and the season-ending loss at Tampa Bay – are in the back of everyone’s mind. The goal is to use that experience as a springboard for more.

“Every day we go to work, we worry about what’s at hand. We don’t forget where we’ve come from, too,” Hurts said. “We don’t forget what we overcame. We don’t forget how we ended it. But in the end, we still have the same feeling of hunger and I know that hungry dogs run faster. We’re working, taking it day by day. Let me say, we’re not gonna just pop up, be in the first round of the playoffs or have a bye week the first week. That doesn’t just happen. You’ve gotta go work for that. That starts right now.”

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