Know How And What The Rates Are

Under the animal adoption scheme which offers animal lovers to participate in wildlife conservation, the National Zoological Park (Delhi Zoo) WILL allow people to sign up to pay for the care of animals at the facility.

Zoo director Dharam Deo Rai said that the scheme is being introduced for the first time at the zoo and is meant “to encourage the participation of people in wildlife conservation”.


But how will it work?

To adopt an animal, there is a form available on the official website of the National Zoological Park. Any interested individual can choose which animals would interest them and pay for their care by entering into an agreement with zoo management after filling up the application form. The payment may be paid by Account Payee Cheque, Demand Draft, Credit or Debit Card to the National Zoological Park, New Delhi.

After the successful registration, the adopter will get a membership card mentioning his name and animal name. After getting the membership card, the adopter will be allowed to enter the zoo during visiting hours once every month upon showing the card. It should be noted that visits of adopters may be stopped during any outbreak of a pandemic or zoonotic disease, etc.

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Once adopted, the animal’s enclosure at the zoo will feature the name of the person who adopted it.

What will be the charges?

The rates for adopting animals will be depending on the species and the approval for the same is still awaited. The starting range for adopting birds can be from Rs. 700 and Rs 6,00,000 for lions, tigers, rhinos and elephants while the cost for adopting leopards is Rs. 3,60,000 per year.

On the other hand, if you want to adopt sambar deer, swamp deer or the extraordinary hornbill, it will cost around Rs. 40,000 each year. The cost for adopting Indian Wolf will be around Rs. 1, 80,000 per year and the Indian Bison or gaur at Rs. 2,25,000 per year.

sambar deer
sambar deer

How long will the adoption be valid for?

According to the notice released by the zoo authorities, the adoption of zoo animals will be for one or two years which can be withdrawn but the payable amount will not be refunded. The revenue generated from the animal adoptions scheme will go back to the zoo on a quarterly basis for the welfare activities for the animals and its personnel.

delhi zoo
delhi zoo

The zoo has around 1,100 animals – mammals, birds, reptiles – of around 92 species. Big cats, birds, snakes, bears, deer, elephants, star tortoises and striped hyenas are among the animals that are likely to be up for adoption. Delhi Zoo is operated by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Other zoos in the country, like the Nandankanan zoo in Odisha, have similar adoption schemes.

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