New veterinary clinic in James City specializing in feline-only services

A new veterinary hospital has opened specializing in feline only services.

Dr. Bobbie Kotrba began working at Craven Animal Hospital in 1996. She became the owner in 2006. They moved to their current location on Old Cherry Point Road five years ago.

Dr. Kotrba opened Feline’s First Veterinary Hospital on Sept. 19. The hospital is located at 4605 Old Cherry Point Road, next door to the animal hospital.

Dr. Bobbi Kotrba is the owner of Feline's First Veterinary Clinic, an expansion of Craven Animal Hospital.

“I bought the property and was trying to decide what to do with it and realized their was not a feline only clinic close to us,” said Kotrba. “I realized their was a demand for that in the feline community and felt it would be a nice addition to the area to be able to provide.”

An Open House will be held in October. A date has not been set.

“We provide all levels of feline care from medicine, surgery, emergency care, dental care, behavioral consults, deluxe feline boarding, regular boarding and feline bathing,” Kotrba said. “We do not provide any hair cutting.”

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