MRI detects ‘iron overload’ related to genetic mutation

Hereditary hemochromatosis is the most prevalent genetic disorder in Europe, affecting one in 300 non-Hispanic white people; it can lead to “iron overload,” or the buildup of excessive iron in organs in the body. Iron overload can put individuals at risk of liver disease and diabetes, but its role in disorders of the central nervous … Read more

How To Choose a Spatial Biology Platform for Your Lab

The research community’s enthusiasm about spatial biology tools is reminiscent of the excitement we saw with the advent of microarrays, next-generation sequencing, or single-cell analysis platforms. And for good reason: the discoveries enabled by spatial biology promise to be even more revolutionary for our understanding of biological systems as brought about by major technological predecessors. … Read more

Tough to Get Your Kid to Take Medicine? An Expert Offers Tips

SUNDAY, July 31, 2022 (HealthDay News) Sometimes it’s difficult for parents to get their child to take necessary medication. One expert who spends part of her workday guiding parents through this challenge offers some suggestions to make the order easier. Emily Glarum, a child life specialist at the Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, … Read more

Waxwork Records has released the score on vinyl!

Next year will mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of the release of Stephen, Charles, and Edward Chiodo’s horror comedy classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space (watch it HERE) – but Waxwork Records isn’t waiting to get the celebration started. They have just released the film’s complete score by John Massari on vinyl, and copies can be … Read more

Gene Therapy: New Technology Can Rewrite Genetic Codes, Successfully Repairs Hereditary Disease

Gene therapy has witnessed a slight glimpse of hope after a new study led by the University of Bristol in England, United Kingdom, created a so-called “DNA repair-kit” technology. The international team of researchers involved in the study claimed that the new technology can rewrite genetic codes and potentially repair hereditary diseases. The UK-based lead … Read more

Ventana Wildlife Society says “casting therapy” can help save California condors from lead poisoning

Lead poisoning has been killing California condors for decades, almost bringing them to the point of extinction — and it’s still a problem. But recently the Ventana Wildlife Society was able to save one of their oldest female condors, named Traveler 171. “The rate at which these birds are dying, it’s difficult to get attached,” … Read more

Shifting the Paradigm of Modern Spatial Biology

Current high-plex approaches for studying single-cell biology, such as flow cytometry and single-cell RNA sequencing, reveal the cell populations present in a sample but are unable to characterize the spatial organization and interactions between cells. Meanwhile, traditional low-plex immunohistochemistry (IHC) informs scientists about how cells localize but lacks the level of information needed to capture … Read more

How Thor Heyerdahl Crossed The Pacific In A Wooden Raft

Determined to prove that ancient peoples could have made contact with one another across the oceans, Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl built a raft out of balsa logs and hemp rope — and successfully used it to cross the Pacific Ocean in 1947. ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images Thor Heyerdahl with artifacts from Easter Island. … Read more