RSO Vocal Movement unites students of all majors with safe space to sing, perform | Features

Vocal Movement is a student-run RSO that performs show choir showcases each semester.

Illinois State University students of all majors with an interest in song and dance are encouraged to join, no matter the talent level.

Sophomore marketing major and a new member of the Vocal Movement, Isabel Crabtree said that this club was a welcoming safe space that she felt encouraged to join at the beginning of the semester to meet other students with similar interests.

“I joined the Vocal Movement to meet people with like-minded interests in music and performing. I also joined to partially get over my stage fright because it pushes me to perform in front of other people. You can explore getting out of your comfort zone in a safe environment,” Crabtree said.

This RSO provides an opportunity for students of all majors, like Crabtree, to connect and come together through an extracurricular.

Vocal Movement practices every Tuesday and Thursday, learning a new dance and song each week.

Senior zoology and conservation biology major and president of the Vocal Movement, Cailyn Haubein has been a part of the club since the spring of 2020.

Although the president participated in her high school choir and show choir, there is no experience required to join.

Haubein said this group is smaller than what she is used to because there were few incomers during the start of the pandemic. Haubein and the rest of the club are taking this opportunity to rebuild.

She also spoke about the importance of making all members comfortable and encouraging them to come out of their shells in the process.

“My goal for this year is to have fun and as president help everyone else have fun. It’s nice to have a new group of people,” Haubein said.

Haubein and members of the Vocal Movement are excited to show off what they have been practicing for the November showcase. The theme for this upcoming showcase is Nature and Growth. The final date and time have yet to be announced but it is scheduled for the weekend before Thanksgiving break starts.

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