Seven reasons why humans are yet to discover alien life in outer space

It’s the year 2022, and yet despite all of the advanced technology we have at hand, we’re still yet to find an intelligent life outside of our own planet.

With our current telescopes, we can view objects in space that are more than 30 billion light years away, and while we’ve discovered trillions of stars and planets, we are still very lonely in the universe.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that aliens don’t exist, or never existed. Here are some logical explanations as to why we haven’t found them yet.

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1. They live below the surface

One mistake we might be making in our search for aliens that we assume that live above the surface of their given moons and planets.

Often we find the conditions on the surface of planets are inhospitable to life, but certain planets may have underground worlds hidden below their surfaces, buried deep below sheets of bedrock and ice.

2. We just haven’t noticed them

Space is a very big place, and when staring at such a big picture, it can be easy to miss the devil in the details.

Even when looking at our own planet from a significant distance from space, our planet can seem pretty empty, so when we’re looking at other planets we might struggle to spot hidden lifeforms, especially if they haven’t developed the sophistication to build large cities and structures.

3. Humans already killed all the aliens

Homo sapiens have supposedly been around for approximately 300,000 years, but we have only been recording our own history for the past 5,000 years. That means around 295,000 years, or 98.3 percent of our history, is completely unknown.

Humans as a species have proven very war-like and imperialistic in their nature, and are believed to have killed off the Neanderthals. It could be possible that at some point in our unwritten history, there was a war between humans and aliens that resulted in the aliens being wiped out.

Aliens could possibly be hiding beneath the ice sheets of Jupiter’s moon Europa

4. The aliens are already extinct

There is evidence suggesting that Mars once had liquid water on its surface, but now the planet is dry and lifeless. Could the planet have once been brimming with life? Many experts seem to think so.

But if that was the case, what could possibly have happened to the aliens? Well, one possible explanation could be climate change that might have put the aliens into extinction. They might have also died as a result of a natural disaster or metor.

Alien silhouette
Aliens might exist in another dimension that we cannot access

5. They live in another dimension

We often assume that aliens exist in the physical world, and that alien life has to share parallels with life as we know and understand it according to our own definitions of it.

We might want to consider that aliens exist in another realm that we cannot access or measure with the tools and knowledge available to us.

6. We’re looking in the wrong places

In our search for alien life, our focus has long been on what’s in outer space, but we haven’t necessarily considered that alien life might already be here on Earth hiding in plain sight.

There is still a lot about our own planet we don’t understand, and there are even some theories that aliens could actually be living under our feet, deep below the Earth’s crust. So instead of looking at the skies, maybe we should be digging holes.

7. They don’t want to be found

There’s also the possibility that aliens know about us, but for some reason, they don’t want us to know about them. It’s possible that having studied us for some time, they just decided we weren’t worth the bother, or that they’d be better off just keeping their distance.

Or, could it be that aliens are actually secretly manipulating us from behind the scenes and they don’t want to blow their cover? Whatever their reasons, they’re doing a very good job at hiding.


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