Peter Daszak has received $6.5MILLION in US taxpayer money since ties to China revealed

One of the most stringent deniers of the man-made hypothesis is British zoologist Dr Peter Daszak (pictured), who is known among friends as a ‘funny northerner’ but considered a potential orchestrator of the pandemic by advocates of the lab-leak theory The debate around the origins of Covid has been ongoing since the virus first began … Read more

How many ants are crawling on Earth? Scientists say 20 quadrillion

Register now for FREE unlimited access to Register WASHINGTON, Sept 20 (Reuters) – The world’s human population is forecast to exceed 8 billion in the coming months. Compared to ants, that is a mediocre milestone. Researchers have made the most thorough assessment to date of the global population of ants – insects that have … Read more

Chinese researchers clone an Arctic wolf in ‘landmark’ conservation project | zoology

Researchers in China have cloned a wild Arctic wolf — and they’re hoping the controversial genetic technology can now be used to help save other species under threat as the world edges toward an extinction crisis. On Monday, the Beijing-based company Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the female wolf clone, named Maya by scientists, marking 100 days … Read more