NASA Selects 5 Proposals to Provide New Insights from Openly Available Data in the Physical Sciences Informatics System

Proposals selected from the Physical Sciences Informatics program element extend the use of data gathered on the International Space Station (ISS). Image Credit: NASA NASA’s Physical Sciences Research Program has selected five ground-based proposals in response to the Physical Sciences Informatics System call for proposals. This program element is part of the Science Mission Directorate … Read more

Around the Moon and Back: A Test Drive for Science

Artist concept of the Orion capsule in lunar orbit. BioExperiment-01 (BioExpt-01) will serve as a pathfinder for biological research beyond LEO, with four investigations in the Artemis I Orion capsule for its orbit around the moon and return to Earth. The investigations will evaluate the effects of deep space on the nutritional value of plant … Read more