Doctors discover genetic and viral causes of adenoid hypertrophy in children

RUDN doctors have discovered genetic and viral causes of a frequent ENT disease in children – adenoid hypertrophy. The results are published in Life. Adenoid hypertrophy (AH), or their overgrowth, is one of the most common ENT diseases in children. Consequences range from snoring and frequent runny nose to respiratory arrest in a dream. However, … Read more

Individual genetic defects lead to heart failure in different ways, consortium reports

Cardiomyopathy is not a uniform disease. Rather, individual genetic defects lead to heart failure in different ways, an international consortium reports in Science. The molecular and cellular mechanisms that lead to heart failure in people with cardiomyopathy are determined by the specific gene variant that each patient carries, according to newly published research based on … Read more

Study uncovers how common genetic mutations cause kidney cancer

The understanding of the link between common genetic mutations and certain cancers is increasing. An international group of researchers investigated why mutations often associated with renal cancer result specifically in renal cancer, instead of other cancer types. Typically, gene mutations occurring in cancers are associated with only certain subtypes of cancer. The reasons for this … Read more

Genetic signatures may help predict immunotherapy response in patients with bladder cancer

Investigators from Cedars-Sinai Cancer have identified genetic signatures that could predict whether tumors in patients with bladder and other cancers will respond to immunotherapy. Their results, published today in the peer-reviewed Journal of the National Cancer Institute, could one day help guide clinicians to the most effective treatments for cancer patients. Our work indicates that … Read more

Researchers discover the first effective drug to treat rare, genetic liver disease

Researchers at Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine, in collaboration with Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, report the first effective drug to treat a rare, genetic liver disease that formerly could only be treated with a liver transplant. The study, “Fazirsiran for Liver Disease Associated with Alpha1-Antitrypsin Deficiency,” was published online in the New England … Read more

World’s wildlife more at risk than realized – study

A killer whale jumps out of water in the sea near Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan, July 1, 2019. Picture taken July 1, 2019. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon Register now for FREE unlimited access to Register LONDON, Aug 4 (Reuters) – The world’s wildlife may be in more trouble than scientists have so far reported, new research published … Read more

Genes involved in coronary heart disease may be nearly the same for everyone

The genes involved in coronary heart disease, the most common form of heart disease, appear to be nearly the same for everyone, according to a VA study. Roughly one-third to one-half of everyone’s chances for developing this type of heart disease are rooted in their genes. This genetic risk seems to be the same across … Read more

Higher cardiovascular health may partially offset increased genetic risk for stroke

Research Highlights: A new analysis of a long-term, community-based study has found that maintaining optimal cardiovascular health by following the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple Seven (LS7) protected people from stroke, regardless of their genetics. The researchers reviewed data from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study, a 28-year study of 11,568 white and Black men … Read more

New, safer CRISPR approach may help correct genetic defects in the future

Curing debilitating genetic diseases is one of the great challenges of modern medicine. During the past decade, development of CRISPR technologies and advancements in genetics research brought new hope for patients and their families, although the safety of these new methods is still of significant concern. Publishing July 1 in the journal Science Advances, a … Read more

In Canada’s north, environment-minded Pope to get climate change close-up

IQALUIT, Nunavut, July 28 (Reuters) – Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to Canada’s Arctic territory of Nunavut draws attention to a focal point for global climate change, with sea ice disappearing fast and permafrost thawing. Francis, who arrives in the capital Iqaluit of predominantly indigenous Nunavut on Friday, is in Canada to apologize in person for … Read more