Nuclear physics at CERN: a hub for interdisciplinary research

Fundamental research at the ISOLDE and n_TOF facilities at CERN has applications in a wide variety of areas of astrophysics, medical physics, energy and more For a week at the beginning of September, a surprisingly wide variety of physicists gathered in CERN’s Main Auditorium. The tenth edition of the Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics Conference (NPA-X), … Read more

Happy 25th birthday, IPPOG! | CERN

Created in 1997, the International Particle Physics Outreach Group today plays a key role in disseminating the goals and accomplishments of particle physics research to the public worldwide. “The particle physics community has a moral obligation to inform the public on its activities. To do this well, experiences must be shared among countries in view … Read more

CERN to host International Conference on Quantum Technology for High-Energy Physics (QT4HEP22)

We are pleased to announce that registration will open this week for the International Conference on Quantum Technology for High-Energy Physics, which will be hosted at CERN on 1–4 November 2022. The event will take place in the CERN Main Auditorium, with featured sessions being broadcast live. The conference will serve as a forum to … Read more

70 years of theoretical physics at CERN

CERN is quiet during the summer months, but there is one place that breaks that rule: the corridors of the CERN Theoretical Physics department. Here, the finest minds in theoretical physics gather all year round to discuss models and recent findings with colleagues, creating the vibrant atmosphere that has made it so special since its … Read more

ALICE pins down hypermatter properties

The collaboration’s latest study of a “strange”, unstable nucleus known as the hypertriton offers new insight into the particle interactions that may take place at the hearts of neutron stars The international ALICE collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has just released the most precise measurements to date of two properties of a hypernucleus … Read more