A Small Trench-Dwelling Fish Makes a Splash in Deep-Sea Evolution

Newswise — The Atacama Trench is a deep-water channel running along the Pacific coast of Chili and Peru, South America. In 2018, an international team of scientists used free-falling “landers” to study the trench, gathering images and specimens of deep-sea creatures. The team discovered a new snailfish species unique to the Atacama Trench and to … Read more

New way to make new species

Evolutionary biologist Axel Meyer’s team discovered a new type of speciation in cichlid fishes in a crater lake in Nicaragua Newswise — The evolution of a new species by hybridization from two already described species without a change in chromosome number is very rare in the animal kingdom. So far, only few accepted empirical examples … Read more

Pitt, Swansea physicists find signs of pentaquark states, new matter

Newswise — Theorists at the University of Pittsburgh and Swansea University have shown that recent experimental results from the CERN collider give strong evidence for a new form of matter. The experiment at CERN, site of the world’s highest-energy particle collider, examined a heavy particle called a Lambda_b that decays to lighter particles including the … Read more