Earliest gibbon fossils found in southwest China-Xinhua

Undated combo photo provided by Kunming Institute of Zoology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows a partial lower face fossil of a small catarrhine, named Yuanmoupithecus xiaoyuan. Paleontologists have discovered fossils of a small catarrhine dating back 7 million to 8 million years in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Named Yuanmoupithecus xiaoyuan, this species has … Read more

New dinosaur species discovered that had tiny arms like T. rex | zoology

Paleontologists in Argentina have discovered a new species of dinosaur, with disproportionately short arms like those of Tyrannosaurus rex. A fossil of Meraxes gigas, as the new dinosaur has been called, was found in what is now the northern Patagonia region of Argentina, revealing that the creature was 11 meters (36 feet) long and weighed … Read more