Fermilab successfully demonstrates new technique to improve particle beams

Newswise — Physicists love to smash particles together and study the resulting chaos. Therein lies the discovery of new particles and strange physics, generated for tiny fractions of a second and recreating conditions often not seen in our universe for billions of years. But for the magic to happen, two beams of particles must first … Read more

Physics teacher, 34, who kissed pupil, 17, in nightclub allowed to return to teaching

11 August 2022, 10:24 Ashley McConnell who will be allowed to return to teaching. Picture: social media/Ashley McConnell A married school teacher found guilty of kissing one of her pupils in a nightclub will be allowed back into the classroom. Physics teacher Ashley McConnell, 34, was reprimanded by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) … Read more

Hebron native leads UNL team building parts for atom smasher with potential to change world |

While growing up on the family farm outside Hebron, Caleb Fangmeier had little idea that his fascination with science would one day put him on a collision course with a project destined to rearrange the world of physics forever. As Detector Laboratory Manager for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s high energy physics group, Fangmeier oversees a … Read more

Stargazing: A reason for us to fear the dark? | star gazing

Before his death on December 29, 1996, Carl Sagan was without a doubt one of the greatest cosmologists to broaden our understanding of the cosmos that surrounds us and in a manner that will never be equaled. In his book “The Pale Blue Dot”, Sagan wrote: “As children, we fear the dark. Anything might be … Read more

Human-Machine Interfaces Work Underwater, Generate Their Own Power

Newswise — WASHINGTON, August 9, 2022 – Wearable human-machine interface devices, HMIs, can be used to control machines, computers, music players, and other systems. A challenge for conventional HMIs is the presence of sweat on human skin. In Applied Physics Reviews, by AIP Publishing, scientists at UCLA describe their development of a type of HMI … Read more

Journal of Mathematical Physics Announces 2021 Young Researcher Award

Newswise — MELVILLE, NY, Aug. 8, 2022 – The Journal of Mathematical Physics, by AIP Publishing, has recognized Sam Collingbourne as the winner of its 2021 Young Researcher Award. His work by him on the stability properties of space-times in high dimensions culminated in the winning publication, “The Gregory-Laflamme instability of the Schwarzschild black string … Read more

Lecturer or Assistant Teaching Professor of Physics in Center Valley, PA for Penn State Lehigh Valley

Details Posted: 04-Aug-22 Location: Center Valley, Pennsylvania Required Education: doctorate Categories: Physics: Physics Sector: Academic Work Function: Faculty 4-Year College/University Lecturer or Assistant Teaching Professor of Physics Penn State Lehigh Valley invites applications for a Lecturer or Assistant Teaching Professor of Physics; full-time to begin August 8, 2022. This is a one year contract for … Read more

Do ‘bouncing universes’ have a beginning?

Some cosmological models propose that the universe expands and contracts in infinite cycles, but new research finds a crucial flaw in the latest version of this theory. BUFFALO, NY — In trying to understand the nature of the cosmos, some theorists propose that the universe expands and contracts in endless cycles. Because this behavior is … Read more

The Strength of the Strong Force

Newswise — NEWPORT NEWS, VA – Much ado was made about the Higgs boson when this elusive particle was discovered in 2012. Though it was touted as giving ordinary matter mass, interactions with the Higgs field only generate about 1 percent of ordinary mass. The other 99 percent comes from phenomena associated with the strong … Read more

UCLA-led team develops new approach for building quantum computers

Key takeaways: Stronger, faster. Quantum computers promise far greater speed and processing power than today’s most powerful supercomputers.​​​​​ The quantum quandary. Because these next-generation computers rely on the fragile interaction of atomic and subatomic particles, scaling up their processing power has proven a challenge.​​​​​​ A chemical solution. Researchers have created a new molecule that has … Read more