Physicist Fleming takes on new role at national laboratory

Bonnie Fleming, a professor of physics in Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences and faculty member of Yale’s Wright Lab, has taken on a prominent new role as chief research officer and deputy director at the US Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Fleming, whose new position at Fermilab began Sept. 6, will also … Read more

Bard Physics Professor Clara Sousa-Silva Coauthors New Research on How the James Webb Space Telescope Impacts Our Understanding of Planetary Atmospheres

Clara Sousa-Silva. Photo by Melanie Gonick Bard College Assistant Professor of Physics Clara Sousa-Silva has published a new study, “The impending opacity challenge in exoplanet atmospheric characterization,” in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Astronomy. The paper is led by graduate student Prajwal Niraula (MIT), and coauthored by Julien de Wit (MIT), Iouli E Gordon (Harvard), Robert … Read more

Bread, backpacks, and bosons — a summer at CERN

Caitlin Gainey and some of her Yale friends spent the summer in Europe hiking in the mountains, strolling through medieval villages — and searching for subatomic particle collisions that few humans have ever seen. Gainey, a Yale College senior studying astrophysics, along with fellow Yale seniors Dawson Thomas, Matthew Murphy, and Alexandra Haslund-Gourley, conducted critical … Read more