Idris Elba didn’t have chemistry with his daughter in Beast

As anyone who’s watched a romantic comedy knows, chemistry can either make or break a movie. It’s also important in other kinds of stories, such as, say, a survivalist thriller about a family trying to evade a lion attack. Idris Elba recently dropped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his latest project Beast, in which … Read more

Season 3, Episode 8, “The Sands Of Ares”

For All Mankindscreenshot: AppleTV+ Despite its elegant VFX and clever alt-history world-building, For All Mankind has always been a space-age soap opera that needs a good villain as much as sympathetic heroes. And anyone who follows commentary around the series knows that viewers don’t love that Danny (Casey W. Johnson) and Karen (Shantel VanSanten) featured … Read more