Aesthetic medicine in India – Past, present and future

A lot of you might be wondering what is “Aesthetic Medicine”? Is it some kind of medication? pill? So let us start by defining the term. Aesthetic medicine is a developing clinical specialty which uses minimally invasive medical procedures to enhance patients’ physical appearance. Aesthetic medicine treatments have similar goals to plastic surgery procedures, but … Read more

How to maintain a clean and safe environment

As per a recent WHO study, 99% of the world’s population is breathing polluted, toxic air laden with fine particulate matter. The major cause of damage to the planet’s resources, such as forests, seas, mountains, and the atmosphere, is human greed. But there are various ways one can adhere to environmental standards that protect the … Read more

IVF brings a ray of hope for couples suffering from Genetic Disorders

Being afflicted with a health issue and witnessing your child being afflicted with it can be quite distressing. Everyone desires a healthy child in their life. But sometimes, a child can get birth defects and chronic diseases from parents due to genetic mutations. Such couples with a genetic ailment are hesitant to plan a pregnancy … Read more

Moving towards an environment-conscious world with the emergence of climate tech startups

The world is constantly changing. Whether we like it or not, there is no way to unsee it. Innovations led by people in the past have pushed the human race into foreseeing the power of science. The last few decades witnessed the dramatic rise of new technology to make our life easier but somehow it … Read more