Utah reptile lover, YouTuber dispelling fears, myths one animal at a time

Clint Laidlaw, of Springville, exhibits crested geckos on his YouTube channel. (Clint’s Reptiles via YouTube) Estimated read time: 5-6 minutes SPRINGVILLE — Few, if any, animals instill fear more than spiders, bats and snakes. But Clint Laidlaw is on a mission to educate the public, and evaporate the fear of at least two of the … Read more

2% of the world’s rarest zebras wiped out in Kenya’s relentless drought | zoology

A grueling two-year drought in Kenya has wiped out 2% of the world’s rarest zebra species and increased elephant deaths as well, as the climate crisis takes its toll on the east African nation’s wildlife. Animal carcasses rotting on the ground — including giraffes and livestock — have become a common sight in northern Kenya, … Read more

Ross: Physicist says time travel is impossible… but can’t make an absolute promise

I wanted to highlight part of last week’s interview with physicist Sean Carroll about time travel since it appears that none of the major mainstream media picked up on it. It was the part where I ambushed him and asked him point-blank if any kind of time travel is real: More from Dave Ross: It’s … Read more