Texas Parks and Wildlife issues precautions for hunters, handlers as bird flu detected again

SAINT ANTONY – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is asking hunters, wildlife rehabilitators and the public, in general, to be cautious when handling birds to help reduce the spread of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, or HPIA. TPWD said National Veterinary Services Laboratories recently confirmed a case of the virus among a backyard poultry … Read more

2% of the world’s rarest zebras wiped out in Kenya’s relentless drought | zoology

A grueling two-year drought in Kenya has wiped out 2% of the world’s rarest zebra species and increased elephant deaths as well, as the climate crisis takes its toll on the east African nation’s wildlife. Animal carcasses rotting on the ground — including giraffes and livestock — have become a common sight in northern Kenya, … Read more

Chinese researchers clone an Arctic wolf in ‘landmark’ conservation project | zoology

Researchers in China have cloned a wild Arctic wolf — and they’re hoping the controversial genetic technology can now be used to help save other species under threat as the world edges toward an extinction crisis. On Monday, the Beijing-based company Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the female wolf clone, named Maya by scientists, marking 100 days … Read more