The 5 Most Important Characters of Season 3

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! is a charming isekai fantasy anime series that is slated to return in the Fall 2022 anime season for its third full-length season. This is the tale of the kind blue-haired Iruma Suzuki and his quest to get a formal education while also not becoming demon chow at the Babyls school. In Season 3, the stakes will reach new heights, with new characters threatening Iruma like never before.

By now, Iruma Suzuki has made many new friends and a few rivals, and most of these characters are set to return in Season 3, along with some new faces. The “Harvest Festival” story arc is about to begin, and a few noteworthy characters, new and returning alike, are bound to move the story in exciting and unexpected directions.

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Balam Shichiro May Show Iruma Some Tough Love

The upcoming Harvest Festival story arc will involve several Babyls teachers watching over their students, eager to see if said students can triumph in the face of serious odds. One such teacher is a familiar face — the white-haired Balam Shichiro — who teaches demon history and zoology at the Babyls school. He is also rather protective of Iruma, but he also pushes Iruma to always be stronger, so in the upcoming Season 3, there’s no doubt that Balam will show Iruma some tough love and use this Festival as an opportunity to reforge Iruma into a true warrior . Balam always means well, like a foster father to Iruma, but that doesn’t mean he will go easy on the boy in the upcoming trials.

Orobas Coco May Be Iruma’s Worst Enemy Yet

Iruma has a few rivals, but he also has a few sworn enemies, such as the scheming Kiriwo and his master, the shadowy Baal, who orchestrated the attack on Walter Park back in Season 2. In the upcoming Season 3, Iruma will meet another terrifying foe in Orobas Coco — a fellow Babyls student who has something to prove. He feels like he’s always second-best, cursed by the number 2, but this Harvest Festival may be Orobas’ opportunity to finally become #1 and prove what he can do — and he’s willing to tear apart Iruma’s abnormal class to do it. Iruma, the carefree Valac Clara, Caim Kamui and the rest had better watch their backs when Orobas Coco arrives to claim the #1 spot.

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Barbatos Bachiko Is a Real Firecracker of a Demon

Another new character arriving in the upcoming Season 3 is Barbatos Bachiko, a pink-haired demon lady with a love of pocky and a pretty tough attitude. Barbatos might be shorter than Iruma and look like a student, but she is actually a teacher at Babyls, and she is a prime candidate to become one of the 13 Crowns if she can play her cards right. When she appears in Season 3, Barbatos will make a strong impression on Iruma as a loud-mouthed, boisterous bratty type, but perhaps there is more to it than that. Barbatos is more than a cheap tsundere character; she is a good person deep down, but she is also frustrated, and it seems she simply cannot get her way from her. However, all that may change when the Harvest Festival begins.

General Furfur Is Another New Teacher

General Furfur is yet another new teacher making his debut in Season 3, as one of many Babyls staff members overseeing the exciting but dangerous Harvest Festival. Not much is yet known of this tough-looking demon, but given his classic appearance of him with his red skin, long ears and pointed horns, he may prove to be a stern and merciless instructor who reforges students in a crucible of fire. Then again, given his kind expression on him seen in one of the Season 3 trailers, perhaps General Furfur has his soft side on him, and if Iruma makes a good impression on him, then they just might become friends. Still, Iruma and his classmates had better be careful around him.

Mr. Hat Will Watch the Harvest Festival Carefully

Very little is currently known of the Babyls teacher known as Mr. Hat, or Mister Hat, but given his appearance and name, Iruma-kun! fans may expect him to be a highly analytical and pompous teacher who expects the very best from his students. In particular, he may expect Iruma and the other students to use their wits and knowledge to pass this Harvest Festival test, as survival in the wild is about more than just picking berries or fighting animals. It’s about natural cunning and clever tactics to get ahead and become top dog in the jungle, and elegance is to be expected. Spy x Family fans, in particular, might be reminded of just a bit of headmaster Henry Henderson of Eden Academy.

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