The Controversy Begins For The First Law Of Traditional Medicine

Missions. After the “Traditional and Complementary Medicine Law” was approved last August inRecognizing alternative medicine practices within the provincial public health system, doctors in the area began to be suspicious of it.

this monday FM 89.3 Missions of Santa Maria talked to the doctor Ubaldo Estrada, President of the South Zone Medical Circle and the Director of the Medical Confederation of the Republic of Argentina, who remarked that “We already have a law, basic, to practice medicine”,

“I don’t know why this law has been made on traditional and complementary medicine. I think it has to do with regionalism, a kind of integration with tradition“ventured the president of the medical circle.

In fact, he admitted, “someone walks into the Mercado Modelo La Placita and finds a bag full of weeds. There is a whole underworld of zoology. It cannot be denied, that is. knowledge of one after the other There are some alternative medicine practices that there are people who have adopted it and apparently it works for them”. ,

However, the doctor remarked that “The reality is that we have a law, the original, which is 17132 (NDR: -Arte de Curaar- enacted on January 31, 1967), the practice of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and biochemistry. In which it is stated that Only Doctor, Surgeon or Doctor of Medicine will be authorized after obtaining the respective registration, mentioning who can attend”,

an unknown world

In another part of the conversation, Ubaldo Estrada said with great skepticism: “I completely disregard the case of alternative or traditional medicine if they’re going to ask those who offer these services for any sort of requirements.”

He also commented: “What would be interesting is Know what the College of Physicians think and what the College of Physicians say about it, because it is what gives registration who – according to the existing rules – is fit to practice medicine; and also for the Faculty of MedicineWhere six or seven years are spent studying for a university degree, then begin practicing as a doctor.

He was clearly able to say that “We as South Zone Medical Circle are a civic institution with doctors who are partners and who work with us through social projects. The truth is, when asked by some doctors. that is Some had no idea of ​​the existence of this law; Others were indifferent and the rest had no flattering words Regarding this new rule.

In any case, “Actually let the laws start working and see how they affect society after their regulation and implementation”I have clarified.

“There are very dark points that I do not understand very well; So we have referred it to a legal advisor and we are waiting for clarification in this regard. This is a very delicate issue, it has to be seen whether it does not clash with the common practice that we have in medicine. Sentenced.

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