The Flash’s Green Lantern Story Fixes The Biggest Diggle Spinoff Problem

The ending to the Arrowverse’s Green Lantern story in The Flash season 8, episode 18 fixes the biggest problem with Diggle’s spinoff show.

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash season 8, episode 18

With its ending to the Arrowverse’s Green Lantern story, The Flash just fixed the biggest problem with Diggle’s spinoff. Through a surprise appearance in The Flash season 8, episode 18, titled “The Man in the Yellow Tie”, the Arrowverse unexpectedly concluded Diggle’s Green Lantern arc. After months of deliberating over what to do about the ring he received in the Arrow series finale, Diggle decided against becoming the Green Lantern.

The Arrow series finale’s promised an interesting future for Diggle, but at the time it was unclear if it would ever be shown or if it was always meant to be open-ended. In the aftermath of the finale, the Arrowverse used a string of guest appearances from the character to continue his story and directly address his Green Lantern story. However, two years have passed and yet Diggle still hasn’t donned the ring. That being said, the Arrowverse clearly isn’t done with his character. In addition to an upcoming role in the Superman & Lois season 2 finale, The CW has plans for an Arrowverse spinoff centered on Diggle, titled Justice U. Apparently, the show will hinge on Diggle mentoring five super-powered college students.


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Diggle’s Green Lantern journey posed a huge issue for his spinoff story, but thanks to The Flash, it’ll no longer be an obstacle. If Justice U is greenlit, Diggle will lead an undercover operation involving young metahumans enrolled at a university. This sort of premise just doesn’t fit with the sort of future that Arrow’s ending set up for Diggle. As Diggle noted in The Flasha “cosmic destiny” as the Green Lantern would call for him to leave his family behind. That does make sense, considering that he’d likely be off in outer space battling intergalactic threats. And even if he was able to remain earthbound somehow, it’s highly improbable that a hero like Green Lantern would work at ARGUS and coordinate undercover metahuman missions.

It would have been incredibly difficult – if not impossible – to balance Diggle’s Green Lantern and Justice U stories. It just wouldn’t have worked for the Arrowverse to do both. And for one to happen, the Arrowverse had to put an end to the other. In the beginning, it’s possible that the plan was to imply an off-screen Green Lantern future for his character but never go as far as putting him in the costume, but the decision to give Diggle his own show seemingly made it imperative that the Arrowverse resolve the arc.

Though Diggle not becoming Green Lantern was an understandable disappointment to those who wanted to see the character achieve his”cosmic destiny”, The Flash has made it possible for the Arrwoverse to finally move forward with his character. Now that his Green Lantern dilemma is behind him at last, Diggle can move on to a new chapter of his life with Justice Uwhich may or may not be set up in the Superman & Lois season 2 finale.

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