Today Is A Symbolic Embrace For A UNSA Medicine Career.

As indicated to Nuevo Dario, the lack of favorable responses from the authorities of the higher education institution will seriously jeopardize the continuity of classroom teaching and the normal performance of activities in the said career.

This is how the fifth year student conducted it through Barbara Marinaro, who expressed with anguish: “The state of race and denial we have received from the UNSA encourages us to manifest ourselves in a supportive and utterly peaceful embrace”, he added and elaborated that first to seventh year students will participate in the activity. “We would like to extend our full support to the administrative staff and teachers who will not come to work tomorrow (for today).”

In this sense, I have explained that although this measure directly affects the student body, starting today as they formally start the second semester curriculum, it is supported: “We are going to support them to see that Do we get a favorable response from the university or not. About their work, because there are three administrators who are getting a salary of $30,000, which is a figure below the poverty line, and with full dedication, without holidays or here Even of a social project,” warns Barbara.

“These irregularities have existed since the inception of the degree in 2015, and they are administrative professionals who were trained by the National University of Tucumán to look after all issues concerning students and teachers at UNSA Headquarters, for the same reason. We want them to enter the permanent plant and get paid like the rest of the administrative support staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences,” said the medicine student, who said the claim extends to the teaching staff: “They are working in an unregulated manner .” , because they are not like the rest of the teachers of the university, and job competitions should be opened for teachers”.

Finally, and regarding the recent session of the Superior University Council, where the creation of the medical school was rejected, Marinero said: “We are unarmed, they cut off our legs because we think we don’t know what is about to happen or where we are unemployed, and this is another reason to adopt our career. We study in Salta because it does not give us the pockets to do it in other provinces, and that our career is in danger, It is something that destroys us”.

teacher’s statement

The Faculty of Medicine Career, taught at UNSA, issued an official statement in which they declare themselves to be alert and organized from the start of the second semester after the academic holiday: “As a result of various circumstances that endanger continuity.” There are academic dictation, agreement with the National University of Tucumán, and throughout his career at UNSA, he maintains and explains that the decision responds to the refusal of calls for competitions, the creation of positions for the academic and administrative staff required and irregularities in the budgetary management assigned to the carrier.

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