Who Are the Teachers of Babies?

The Fall 2022 anime season features the return of the charming isekai title Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!, which is poised to launch the third season of this colorful Halloween-style adventure with Iruma Suzuki and all his Netherworld friends. This anime may look goofy, but there’s a lot for fans to remember, such as the plot thus far and all the major characters.

In this anime, the main cast of characters can be roughly split between the students at the Babyls school for demons and the staff who teach them all about demonic history, astronomy, plans and more. Some of Iruma-kun!‘s best characters are the well-meaning teachers, some of whom can teach Iruma and his classmates vital lessons not just about their subjects but life itself. Iruma, Clara and Alice have much to learn from them.

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Naberius Kalego Is Iruma’s Reluctant Homeroom Teacher

The grouchy but responsible demon teacher Naberius Kalego is a Babyls alum, now teaching homeroom for the “abnormal” class of students that Iruma Suzuki himself belongs to. In many ways, Kalego is the Shota Aizawa of Iruma-kun!, being a student-turned-teacher at an elite anime school, and he has the same personality, too. Kalego, like Aizawa, has poor charisma and little patience as a homeroom teacher, but he also has high expectations for his students and always pushes them to be their best.

An example was when he gleefully forced his abnormal students to stand and fight when a monster attacked Walter Park, and the students rallied as My Hero Academia-style heroes to impress their teacher. Amusingly, Kalego is also Iruma’s summon by sheer chance, morphing into a small, adorable chibi version of himself anytime Iruma summons him. Kalego finds this humiliating, but there’s not much he can do about it.

Baram Shinchiro Is Iruma’s Best Protector

The white-haired, brawny Babyls teacher named Baram Shinchiro made a scary first impression when he took over for the mythical zoology and demon history class. Terrifying rumors circled the school about Baram capturing and experimenting upon his students from him, and he even uses thick, planty vines to capture troublemakers, including Iruma and his friends from him. However, Baram is actually a kind and protective teacher who adores all his students from him, making him something of a gap moe character. He is especially protective of Iruma, given his knowledge of Iruma’s humanity from him, and he even acted as a chaperone and guardian when the abnormal class visited Walter Park. Iruma can always count on Baram having his back from him even during moments of true crisis in the Netherworld.

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Raim Is Clara’s Succubus Teacher

Raim is the R-rated teacher of demonic seduction in Babyls, a cheerful and playful lady who is like Babyls’ version of Midnight in My Hero Academia. Raim is a true succubus — a demon who teaches an all-girls class about the art of seduction. Amusingly, several of the girls in Raim’s class failed miserably in the previous season, with the troublemaker Valac Clara having an astonishingly low eros level of just 2%. Notably, after Raim talked to Iruma Suzuki about Clara, Clara’s eros level rose to 10%. It seems Clara’s appeal from her as a demon girl is based not on her appearance from her but on the beauty of her heart from her and her wholesome feelings from her about Iruma himself. Raim would be the first one to say that a maiden in love is at her most beautiful de ella, and Raim might cheer on Clara’s blossoming love life de ella in Season 3.

Stolas Suzy, Orias Oswell & Bars Robin Round Out the Roster of Teachers

A few more Babyls teachers of note should also make a return in Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! Season 3. One of them is the cheerful deredere Stolas Suzy, the easygoing diabotany teacher, meaning she teaches students all about the native plant life of the Netherworld. No matter how rowdy her students become, Stolas Suzy is always relaxed and mild-mannered, even when directly confronted. She also tends to end her sentences with “Yis” in English subtitles.

Meanwhile, Bars Robin is a Babyls teacher who educates students on the art of summoning — an essential skill for all Babyls students to learn. He was the one who watched in shock as Iruma summoned Naberius Kalego, of all people, as his official familiar with him. Finally, there’s the minor character Orias Oswell, the astrology teacher at Babyls who takes great pride in his family’s bloodline demon magic. It was also a serious challenge for Iruma to convince Orias to sign the petition for the abnormal class’ use of the Royal One classroom.

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