Women Owned ‘STEM Bella’ Transforms Communities of Color with Revolutionary Cosmetic Chemistry Lab

beautiful STEM

Monique Allen, co-founder of STEM Bella

Monique Allen, co-founder of STEM Bella

Stacey Miller, Managing Partner at STEM Bella

Stacey Miller, Managing Partner at STEM Bella

UNITED STATES, August 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to Forbes magazine, students of color are woefully behind in STEM subjects, and the gap continues to widen due to the lack of educators to teach them. In addition, 1 out of 2 school districts serving primarily Black children lack adequate teachers in areas like math and science. But one revolutionary company is changing the narrative. Meet STEM Bella, a hands-on resource that upends the old stereotype of STEM learning to bring a fresh perspective to the beauty world.

The brainchild of Monique Allen and Stacey Miller, STEM Bella is disrupting the flow of contracts and workforce development for the 21st century. Instead of the status quo, these innovators have an eye on building up underserved communities with much-needed access to science, technology, engineering, and math skills. Since 2016 this team of professionals has sought to break through societal barriers to create a level playing field for marginalized people.
The pioneering women behind this innovative brand endeavor to use a mixture of science, music, and creativity to build a uniquely immersive experience. School children will learn the value of understanding the science behind the chemical compounds and color combinations it takes to make their favorite shade of lipstick.

Researchers found Black buyers spent 6.6. Billion dollars on beauty supplies in 2021, yet underrepresented groups account for less than 9 percent of the beauty developers. Since Black Americans are vast consumers of beauty products, including everything from skincare to weaves, the curated team at STEM Bella feels educating this generation can only yield positive results for society as a whole.

STEM Bella explores learning nuances by incorporating a culturally sensitive curriculum that is in tune with the environment. STEM Bella uses the Microsoft Hololens 2 to bring science to life and reach kids in their world. Through this high definition – mixed reality experience, students learn while having fun. The STEM Bella program aims to unearth urban genius that lies dormant without proper engagement.

This dynamic duo is forging new territory for the next generation. As trailblazers in the DEI tech field, Monique and Stacey are changing the landscape by creating a viable, diversified talent pipeline for the future. Through the proprietary STEM Bella approach, Black students, Indigenous People, and the LatinX community learn the importance of tech development and entrepreneurship. This niche system is revolutionizing the traditional STEM experience by merging it with the beauty industry’s needs.

STEM education’s future rests in these enterprising women’s capable hands.

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